The MS3 Networks pole planting company is coming to your community! They arrive on-site, without your permission, without any consultation and without any notice of when or what they are actually going to do. They paint signs to indicate where holes will be dug. Then a team of hole diggers arrive to dig holes. On the same day that holes are dug, the pole planting lorry arrives to plant your poles.

MS3 Networks claims in their literature that “ultrafast full fibre is coming to your street. In some cases, this may require us to dig a trench or in most places install a telegraph pole. All works are completed to Council Regulation and HAUC specifications and will last 2 to 3 days”.

The claim that works are completed to council regulation and HAUC specifications is challenged by the Going Underground campaign.

Today, Hedon Blog launched its Evidence Page to monitor and catalogue the actual working practices of MS3 Networks contractors. We request that those responsible for actual council regulations and HAUC standards come to Hedon to help us monitor the actual practice of the contractors, against the standards they claim to uphold.

Residents in Hedon are invited to photograph and film the pole planters in operation. We need evidence of when they come, how they lay out their signage and barriers, the disruption they cause in your neighbourhood and the work they actually do. Keep a safe distance away from any work area, and the advice from the campaign is while you may wish to tell them that they do not have your permission to do the work, it’s best NOT to speak or engage with the workers at all.

Send photos and videos and your lists of concerns to and join and post on the Hedon Says No To MS3 Telegraph Poles (or Any Other Company’s Poles!) Facebook Group.

Visit: Concerns about working practices (MS3 Networks) – Evidence Page.

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