LONG TERM BOYCOTT organised in Telegraph Poles backlash!

Those protesting the imminent installation of telegraph poles to deliver broadband services are being asked to join a long-term boycott of MS3 Networks and the internet service providers they intend to recruit to utilise the poles.

Households are being asked by the action group Save our Streets – Going Underground to sign up to a pledge form declaring their intention to boycott the firms for at least ten years should the poles be deployed.

Save our Streets – Going Underground, the campaign to stop unnecessary and unsightly telegraph poles on our streets, calls for a boycott of MS3 Networks and any ISPs who intend to erect poles.

A pledge form asks households to commit to the boycott for 10 years:

This household pledges not to use services, delivered by MS3 Networks, via new telegraph poles. Should poles be deployed, this boycott of MS3 Networks and internet service providers (ISPs) that choose to use telegraph poles, shall remain active for ten years from this date and will not be reviewed until October 2033.

A section on the form notes:

This boycott will end upon receipt of a written commitment from the Chief Executive Officer of MS3 Networks that telegraph poles will not be deployed. In the event of telegraph pole deployment, only their removal will see the end of this active boycott. The period of the boycott will see residents and businesses actively encouraged not to sign up to those ISPs that choose to use telegraph poles, favouring instead those ISPs that choose established underground networks. During the period of boycott, all goodwill and friendly relations with boycotted ISPs will cease.

The completed Pledge Forms need to be returned to Jane Johnson c/o Hedon Town Hall, the Clerk c/o Preston Parish Council or Councillor Steve Gallant at The Old Vicarage, Ivy Lane, Hedon.

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