84. Hedon Town Bus Service

Hedon Town Bus Service No 84 runs Wednesdays around Hedon and into the town centre.

TIMETABLE (Download a copy):

St Augustine’s Church bus stop (Market Hill)13.40
Magdalen Lane10.55 13.41
Brevere Rd (Hail & Ride) 10.5613.42
Inmans Rd school (Hail & Ride) 10.5913.45
Watson Dr (Hail & Ride) 11.0113.47
St Anthony’s Park (Hail & Ride) 11.0213.48
St Nicholas Gate (Hail & Ride) 11.0313.49
Acklam Rd (Hail & Ride) 11.0413.50
Thorn Rd bus stop11.0513.51
Cleeve Rd (Hail & Ride) 11.0613.52
Cromwell Rd (Hail & Ride) 11.0713.53
Cleeve Rd (Hail & Ride) 11.0813.54
Thorn Rd bus stop11.1013.55
Sheriffs Highway bus stop11.1113.56
Hull Rd bus stop11.1313.58
Drapers Lane (Hail & Ride) 11.1413.59
Birch Tree Dr (Hail & Ride) 11.1514.00
Westlands Rd11.1914.04
Hull Rd bus stop11.2014.05
St Augustine’s Church bus stop (Market Hill) 11.2314.08
No 84 Hedon Shuttle Bus

£1 Flat Fare

Concessionary Bus Passes Accepted.

HEDON’S NEW Town Bus Service No. 84 will run around the outer areas of the town and bring people into the centre of Hedon and back. There will be a flat fare per ride of £1 or it will be free with a bus pass.

The service will run on Wednesday’s only. This is market day in Hedon and a key reason to use the service will be to encourage easy access to the Market Place and other shops in the town centre. It will also be useful for those visiting doctor’s surgeries or who have other important appointments in the town centre. It will encourage residents to visit Hedon Museum which is open on a Wednesday.

The service is funded by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Hedon Town Council and operated by HART Community Transport. The service started as a pilot project on Wednesday 14 July 2021.

We will post any updates to the Service on Hedon Blog.

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