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Chance to see Victorian Sketches at Hedon Museum

New Exhibition about the artist FS Smith and his work runs until Wednesday 9th September at Hedon Museum. Opening times are every Wednesday and Saturday from 10am to 4pm. Sketch shows Hedon Haven

FS Smith - Hedon Haven
FS Smith Sketch shows the Hedon Haven with the farm which still stands, and the Inn which was later replaced by the Haven Pub.

“See Holderness as it used to be,” says Katy Miller, Hedon Museum’s Press Officer about its latest exhibition. “The Museum is honoured to be displaying the work of Frederick Schultz Smith (1860 – 1925) on the 90th anniversary of the artist’s death. F. S. Smith was not born locally but, after moving to Hull, found himself enchanted by the local area.

Hedon Museum Sign sq“The talented artist spent many years travelling by bicycle and by train, on the now mostly closed local railway lines, exploring Hedon and the surrounding villages. As you admire Smith’s skill, you can imagine yourself standing alongside the now vanished Haven, which long ago made Hedon one of the busiest ports in England, and alongside buildings long since lost to the sea. Don’t miss this unique chance to see East Yorkshire through Victorian eyes, and see just how you might have lived!” says Katy.

Exhibition runs until Wednesday 9th September 2015. Opening times are every Wednesday and Saturday from 10am to 4pm. Admission is FREE. Tea, coffee and biscuits are available. To find us follow the signs in Hedon town centre.

4 thoughts on “Chance to see Victorian Sketches at Hedon Museum

  1. Not sure if correct but i think the site now occupied by the TSB/ Lloyds bank was the The Sun Inn and possibly later New Sun Inn after ever changing trade conditions, the Inn use to have stables for 20 horses + the grooms etc.

  2. The INN mentioned in the above description of this sketch. Could some one tell me if it could have been the New Sun Inn please?

    1. Lynne – I believe (i.e. none of this is verified and may not be correct) that The Station Hotel on Hedon’s Souttergate was called The Sun at one stage before becoming the Durham Ox and then Station in 1880. But another pub, no longer existing, in the centre of Hedon took the name the New Sun Inn.

      The Haven Arms mentioned above, I believe, was actually built and owned by the Haven Commissioners as part of their duty to manage the port/waterways (via the Borough Council – now Hedon Town Council) and is still known by some older people in the town by the name adopted in 1825 as a “Borough Arms”.

      Hopefully some kind person from Hedon Museum might be able to clarify these matters for us!?

      1. The pub you mention that no longer exists sounds as though it might be the one I am inquirying about.

        The will of Williams’ father, dated 28th November 1775 describes the Inn thus

        “……the New Sun Inn situate lying and being on the west side of the market place in Hedon in Holderness in the county of York together with the stables building and outhouses yards garth garden brewhouse.”(2)

        Perhaps this might help to identify it


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