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Foul smells from Yorkshire Water – Patience of residents finally snaps – Demonstration organised

The protest will take place on Monday 27th July 2015 at 12 noon outside of the main gates of the plant at Saltend, Hedon Road, HU12 8DZ…

site of protest
Site of protest – Gates at Yorkshire Water

It’s a High Noon protest at Yorkshire Water’s foul odours!

Due to the continued odour from the Yorkshire Water Hull Waste Water Treatment plant on Hedon Road and the lack of interest to answer questions from local residents or resolve the situation, a peaceful protest has been arranged to take direct action and have concerns heard.

The protest will take place on Monday 27th July 2015 at 12 noon outside of the main gates of the plant at Saltend, Hedon Road, HU12 8DZ.

The demonstration has been organised via social media by local residents who are absolutely sick to death of this recurring problem that blights the South West Holderness and East Hull areas.

The Hedon Blog is supporting the demonstration and calls on residents to gather at the gates as requested by the organisers.

The organisers have established a Facebook page at www.facebook.com/groups/1648300802093256/ please support this page too.

7 thoughts on “Foul smells from Yorkshire Water – Patience of residents finally snaps – Demonstration organised

  1. It’s interesting that none of the local politicians are getting involved in the this campaign.

    Remember HOTI, Graham Stuart MP and Cllr J Dennis were jumping up and down to stop Hull City Council building a toxic waste incinerator, it’s been only the people involved in this campaign to hold Yorkshire Water to account.

  2. It’s Sunday morning, 08:20, on Greatfield, and the smell is unbearable. Iv had yorkshire water say they’ve been out and solved the problem but it’s just a fob off. The problem isn’t from the sewerage here, it’s from the Hedon road site. Hull City council won’t help and say it’s up to east riding. Last hope is karl Turner as the smell today is sickening.

  3. It really won’t be very pleasant down there on Monday…simply driving by the site is totally gut wrenching and requires the holding of one’s breath!! May I suggest protesters equip themselves with face masks for their own comfort and protection.

  4. I feel I must add further comment in response to the press release from Yorkshire water and I will try to do this without some of the sinicism that’s grown in me over the last floor or five years regarding this issue.
    I feel sure that most of us will welcome the acknowledgment of the problem and recognise the apology as being sincere .
    However lets just analyse the statement .
    Root and branch review ” LIKLELY” to lead to major investment .(no promise)
    “In the last five years www have invested 10.5 million including 3.5 million on a new odour control unit.
    Relative chicken feed when you consider the importance of the facility and the size of the area it serves and affects. Obviously the measures put in place are not adequate and demonstrate that just spouting amounts of money doesn’t amount to anything.
    “In the peak load period we have received 125% of designe capacity.
    Does this not say the plant was designed to the wrong specifications anyway and further investment in this plant will just merely be playing catch up with increasing demands of growing populations and industry ?
    Wouldn’t it not be better to build another plant on the line ,let’s say in west Hull maybe to share the load and not have all the rotten eggs in one basket .
    Should not Yorkshire water include some incentive to ensure they are successfull , ? Like maybe whilst this problem persists refund all water bills to any household within the affected radius. Also give them a reasonable time limit at the end of which all directors involved resigne . That would be without any golden handshakes of course.
    Oh yes and don’t worry about your commitment to the city of Hull you’ve allready fulfilled that by taking all there sh- t and dumping it down the prevailing wind on the doorstep of the good people of the East Riding
    Anyway I’m going on a bit and that sinicism is creeping in. So bye for now.

  5. You don’t get many complaints year round because everyone who has complained before knows there is no point of ringing you as you do nothing about it Yorkshire Water

  6. I hope this demonstration is well attended and hats off to the organisers, i do feel however it could be on a difficult day for people with work commitments and i worry that a small turnout will send the wrong message .
    But it doesnt have to be the only one they do operate 24/7 so maybe another one on a Saturday.

  7. YORKSHIRE WATER have issued a press release today:


    Responding to current issues with odour in Hull and the surrounding areas
    Yorkshire Water is today announcing plans for a multi-million pound
    investment programme in Hull Waste Water Treatment Works, as part of the
    company’s long term commitment to the city.

    Charlie Haysom, Yorkshire Water Director of Service Delivery said:

    “First and foremost we would like to apologise for the very real
    inconvenience our waste water treatment works at Saltend has caused people
    in the surrounding areas. Today we are announcing a root and branch review
    of every aspect of the works. This will likely lead to a major investment
    to transform the way that site operates and the capacity of volumes is can
    cope with.

    We have previously said we would invest in improving performance at the
    site and we have been true to our word. In the last five years we have
    invested £10.5 million in Hull Waste Water Treatment Works including £3.5
    million on a new odour control unit.

    The plant is now working at optimum capacity and there have been
    significant improvements. Where previously we used to receive complaints
    about odours all year round, now they are limited largely to six to eight
    weeks a year. But this is still unacceptable.

    It is clear that the works cannot cope with the volumes it receives during
    the peak load period. In the last two weeks we have received up to 125% of
    the design capacity, more than we have ever received at one time before. Of
    course this has had a dramatic effect on odours.

    Tomorrow we will be meeting with key local stakeholders to talk them
    through this investment and we will be engaging with the community
    throughout this work.”

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