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Saltend BP vapour chimneys snipBP at the Saltend Chemicals Park has given advance notice of its intention to test its toxic alarm system on the morning of WEDNESDAY 29th July 2015.

The alarm, which is tested like this annually every year, sounds like an old World War II air raid siren.

The exercise is a major test of the Saltend emergency procedures and will involve the alarm sounding for a longer period followed by a ‘all clear’ continuous tone alarm signifying the end of the test.

BP have circulated letters to all local households to warn of the test, but this is the last time they will communicate their intentions in this way, opting instead for a phone call, text or e-mail based notification system. Residents have to register for this system of notifications. For further information contact Rachel Palmer, Communications Manager, BP Chemicals at email rachel.palmer@uk.bp.com or on telephone 01482 892199.

Note: The regular short test which always takes place at 2pm on Wednesdays will still take place as normal too.

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