hedon-blog-logo-glenn-004THE HEDON BLOG began life on February 5th 2009 under the title ‘Our Hedon Adventure’ and its purpose was to chart the experiences of the Hedon Blogger as he rediscovered the town he lived in.

In those five years, we would like to think that we have found out a thing or two about our town and successfully shared this with a wider audience.

We’re not specifically celebrating our 5th Birthday this year – except to give much praise and gratitude to the hundreds of people who contribute to the Hedon Blog each month by sending us your news, events information, views, poetry and comments about ‘all things Hedon’ – without you, there would be no Hedon Blog!

Some people have referred to the Hedon Blog as being ‘mine’ i.e. owned by Ray Duffill – but I hope that people are beginning to see the Blog as “our Blog” for “our town”.

Whatever your local Hedon interest (sports, history, community news, etc) – we invite you to share it on the Hedon Blog! You can send us regular news and reports by e-mail, or we can include you as a correspondent on the Blog so you can write and publish your own articles and photographs. We can train you how to do this – it’s easy!

And Blogging is a fascinating hobby where you will never stop learning new things!

We are always on the lookout for new correspondents, authors and editors – if you would like to get involved in writing about and reporting on things to do with Hedon, please have a look at this information about blogging from wordpress.com (click the video) – the system that powers the Hedon Blog. You can even sign up, open an account and start your own Blog.

If you’d like to have a go as a Hedon Blogger – then get in touch at hedonblog@gmx.com or leave a comment!


Ray Duffill, Editor

Thanks to Glenn Stallard for the design of our Hedon Blog logo on this page.

2 thoughts on “Hedon Blog – Our 5th Birthday!

  1. RAY,
    Congrats, & Well Done , on Five Blogging Years, but I must say that I am surprised with about 6000?? living in the ancient Town, that more folk don’t tap their key board, more often!? – for the benefit of others. Or am I way off target?………………
    The challenge awaits you all, and I say this as a former Hedon resident, but still a ‘local lad at heart’…………………………….

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