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Have you heard the one about the wedding at the Town Hall?

HEDON TOWN HALL is being prepared as a beautiful venue where couples can get married – but imagine this scenario declares Hedon resident Jim Uney…

The Town Hall was built in 1693.
The Town Hall built in 1693 – historic setting for any civil ceremony

HEDON TOWN HALL is being prepared as a venue where couples can get married. This would add to the choices of wedding venues in the town and there is no doubt that the beautiful building would certainly be a historic and special place to get married.

The council will be making essential improvements to the building to enable it to be used for small, tasteful ceremonies prior to obtaining the necessary licence; this includes improving the shared toilets with the Alexandra Hall and as a result of the council’s recent budget meeting, it will also be discussing other aspects of making the building more disabled friendly.

However, one of our regular readers and commentators, Mr Jim Uney who uses a hearing-aid, gives his own personal and unique take on one of the matters that he thinks needs more serious consideration if Hedon Town Hall wedding venue is to be successful:


Loop system graphic - Jim UneyThe little gems of knowledge emitting from various posters (i.e. those who leave comments) on The Hedon Blog from time to time have been a constant source of interest to me, more so just lately with the dramatic turn of events regarding Hedon Town Council matters, but I will not dwell on that subject, however I will suggest to the Town Council to start saving to fund their ambitious proposal to hold marriage ceremonies in The Town Hall.

Loop system T logo - Jim UneyThe request I made, with the valued help of Councillor Rommel for an update to the hearing assistance system at the meeting in the Town Hall on Jan 23rd, and reported in The Hedon Blog on the 24th when Councillor Rommel explained her view that “it was quite undignified to expect people wearing hearing aids to sit with a loop round their necks” Failed to gain any support from the rest of the Town Council. The Chairman expressed the view that the present system had been tested and it worked! It does not work for me, and I suggest that the Council will experience problems between the system and members of the public in the future.

I understand from information provided by a Hedon Blogger that “Plans are already in place to refurbish the toilets and then apply to hold a Wedding Licence for the Town Hall,” should that read Marriage Licence?

All I ask is a hope, that If by chance any Town Councillor is reading this, to take note of the diagrams on this page as this is a description of the Loop System needed if the Licence application is successful, then members of the public with hearing problems will to be able to hear the proceedings without being highlighted as deaf by wearing a useless neck loop.

Yes I expect Listed Building status for the Town Hall, and probable related problems in fixing materials to the inside of relevant walls, but this is not insurmountable, there must be loop systems in listed buildings in other parts of the country.

Using the present hearing assistance neck loop device presently installed in the Council Chamber, Please imagine a potentially disastrous scene if you will…..

The fictional Mrs Smythe-Brown, a formidable local lady of Hedon who does not suffer fools gladly, has booked the Town Hall for her daughter’s marriage, The registrar has arrived, Mrs Smythe-Brown, is wearing her expensive wedding ensemble, a flamboyant Chiffon outfit purchased from The House Of Fraser, while husband Sam has to make do with the suit from Fifty Shilling Tailors, last used at their wedding some years ago.

Unfortunately Mrs Smythe-Brown is Deaf and has to wear a National Health Hearing Aid, as do her two sisters, both of which are attending the ceremony in the Town Hall, Amy, the youngest of the sisters lives near Denaby Main, while Freda lives at Leeds, where she bought her gorgeous expensive outfit, All of the sisters have opted for wearing enormous Hats of rather ostentatious taste, but Amy is feeling rather Miffed as her Hubby has had to call in at Goole to drop some of his Pigeons off and in doing so unfortunately has got droppings all up his jacket sleeve, Unable to wear the jacket, due to the obnoxious smell, He’s stood there showing his Denaby United Supporters Braces off to all and sundry!

Having got settled down in the seats indicated for the Bride’s party by the attendant in charge, Mrs Smythe Brown carries out her natural habit of switching her hearing aid to T but is aghast to realize there is no response, as do her two sisters.

Beckoning the attendant, “Come”, she asks if the Loop System can be switched on, “No we do not have that system in operation madam” the attendant said, but instead issued three neck loops for the sisters to wear. Mrs Smyth-Brown was horrified with the thought of ruining her Chiffon Frontage by wearing “that thing”, Freda implied that No way was she going to cover up the heirloom from Aunt Maud of a three strand string of Akoya Pearls, and Amy rudely dismissed the offer, with a curt “NO”, In unison they declared “we’re not taking our hats off anyway, and the loop will not fit over them” Therefore much of the marriage ceremony was not heard by the devastated Mrs Smyth-Brown and her two sisters.

The reason for the bride arriving late, was that some clown had removed the traffic cones outside the Town Hall and parked a Whacking great big 4×4,causing the bridal car, with Sam driving to find a bay at the far end of the Market Place, Oh Dear it started to rain! Is that the brides mascara starting to run?…..

Last week it was alleged by a poster on The Hedon Blog that a Hedon Councillor stated after the Participation meeting of the 23rd of January of a Lynch Mob being in attendance, I didn’t see one, But, in comparison Boy-oh Boy, Wait till Mrs Smythe-Brown sees you regarding the fiasco at her daughter’s marriage ceremony.

J R Uney, Hedon.

4 thoughts on “Have you heard the one about the wedding at the Town Hall?

  1. Hi Neil, Pleased you enjoyed my effort to get my point across re induction loop in The Town Hall, Hope everything goes well for you on the day, if you decide on the venue,
    As I am hard of hearing, I’m sorry to say that I did not hear the comments from the Councillor being said, which you describe as being “getting everyone to wear a loop round their necks so deaf people didn’t feel out of place “The mind boggles! so I am treating his reported comments with the contempt they richly deserve. Regards Jim Uney…..

  2. Hi Jim
    Thank you for the diagram. I’m sure there will be a way to fix an induction loop into a grade 2 listed building.
    I will do my best with your support and that of others in the Town with hearing problems. If they would join you in supporting this system being placed in the Town Hall Gallery I would be grateful. We will get there in the end.

  3. absolutely brilliant….being there when the council discussed this …Tom Goldspink suggested that everyone wears a loop round there necks so deaf people didn’t feel out of place?????? also im getting married soon…what does the council class as a tasteful ceremony…??? could we not wear our mickey and minnie mouse wedding ears and have the vicar dressed as goofy…??

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