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Get your EVENTS promoted via HU12 Online

INFORMATION about our FREE events listing service!

Local Events snip
Image: Local Events on Hedon Blog

REGULAR BLOG READERS may have noticed our special EVENTS LISTING on the right-hand sidebar on the Blog? It’s currently positioned below Recent Comments. Click on a link an it will take you to information about that event.

The listing is a RSS News Feed (stands for Really Simple Syndication) and enables you to see the current events which have been added to HU12 Online. See more about our Events Listing Service.

When you tell us about an event in Hedon we may do three things:

  1. we will quite often post it as an article on the Hedon Blog;
  2. add a link to that article on the What’s On? page;
  3. We re-publish the article (or a shortened version of it) on to Events List Service on HU12 Online.

What this means for those promoting events is that our readers have a whole number of ways of finding out about them. What’s more, events are then shared on Facebook and Twitter as well!

So if you have a public or community event to promote – then please make sure you let us know about it! We do put some effort into ensuring your event gets the widest possible promotion! And it’s FREE.

The image below shows the same Events List as above, but on HU12 Online.

Local Events HU12 snip
Image: Local Events on HU12

Visit: What’s On?

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