HISTORIAN and Honorary Freeman of Hedon, Dr Martin Craven, has written a new local history book entitled “The History of Thorngumbald Hall and its Owners”.

The book follows the history of the original hall built for Samuel Standidge in the eighteenth century, through to its demolition and rebuild for Charles H. Johnson in 1880 and recent restoration by the Lanhams.

Thorngumbald Hall still exists now just as Thorn Hall, a residential care home.

The story of the hall’s past owners is covered up to modern times and contains a chapter written by Ian Lanham of its architectural features. Family history research has been undertaken by Pauline Ashurst.

The book is 100 pages long and is fully illustrated. A print run of only 100 copies has been made. The book costs £12, plus £2.30 for postage.

If any person would like to purchase a copy, please call Martin on (01482) 640081.

3 thoughts on “Thorngumbald Hall – A history by Martin Craven

  1. Is there a copy of this book still available? I live at Leicester cottage also owned by Charles Hargitt Johnson. I would be interested to read the history of the Hall.

  2. Chris

    We are the current owners of the Hall and It was interesting to read your comments.

    The property was divided into two in the late 20’s and sold to various individuals over time. In 1986 we purchased the east wing and in 2017 the west wing to return it to a single dwelling. Restoration has been a life time and gradually it has been put back to its original state in 1880.

    At that date an original Hall owned by Sir Samuel Standidge was purchased and demolished and the current one built by Charles Hargitt Johnson. If your photograph is of the Hall in 1870 we would very much like to purchase a copy please and receive any further information that you have of the visit.

    Kind Regards
    Ian & Gwen Lanham

  3. I have a photograph of a coach party that visited Thorngumbald Hall in 1870, my great grandfather is shown as a child. I visited Thorngumbald early this century but no one knew of it. I had tea with a local vicar ( Shepherd?) who kept amazing records of the area, but no hall.

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