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Investment and Jobs or Green Space? Have Your Say!

This is a crucial debate for the town – a representative for Renewables UK recently described his sector as a “perpetual growth industry” – it will affect us all in Hedon!

Wind Turbine from foot upwardsTHE HEDON BLOG has received a rallying call from James Baron from Hedon; he is urging local residents to get involved in the debates and issues around the developments that are likely to bring Renewable Industries to the very boundaries of the town.

James has written to the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership and appealed to them to involve local residents in these crucial decisions. Here he appeals directly to local residents to have their say using social media websites like the Hedon Blog and to engage with the local Town Council on the issue.

We reproduce James’ letter in full – and then we reproduce the statements from Hedon Town Council relating to these developments which have been sent to the East Riding Council.

The development areas under consideration are highlighted on the map as HAV1 and HAV2, with Hedon’s boundaries marked in black to the right, Saltend to the left, and the village of Paull at the bottom.

Hedon Haven port expansion HAV1 and HAV2

This is a crucial debate for the town – a representative for Renewables UK recently described his sector as a “perpetual growth industry” – and it will affect us all! There has already been some debate on this over on HU12 Online.

The Hedon Blog invites you to join that debate (highlighted text below is ours – Ed):

Can we afford not to have our say?  by James Baron

Can you recall the last time you wrote to your MP, or visited the council chambers to take part in a council meeting, last month…. Last year…. Never? Your not on our own, are you bothered about what goes on in the area you live? Does the prospect of Mr Smith from up the road building a two story extension make you march through the doors of your local council to lodge your objections, or are you a “live and let live” kind of person who believes that by doing so your opinion wouldn’t make a difference. Whatever category you fall in it’s getting easier to voice your opinion both locally and nationally.

Social media is now starting to give the people a voice. Some may call them keyboard warriors but the world has changed. You can voice your opinions to your friends on Facebook or you can contact 10 Downing Street via Twitter. On a local level you can have your say on message boards run by the local paper or visit the various Hyperlocal sites like HU12 Online or The Hedon Blog. In my opinion, this social movement which is currently in its infancy, couldn’t have happened at a better time.

Things are changing in our area. Hull City Council are asking for the opinion of the people to help create the “Energy City” and hopefully with it thousands of jobs. People are being asked to submit their ideas and opinions to help shape the City. Several factors have led to this. A change of stance towards the private sector by the staunchly Labour council and the fact that deep down the council knows the area is on its knees but does this effect us in Holderness? The answer is of course YES!!

Kingston upon Hull is 1 mile away from the edge of Hedon (or south Preston) if you’re being picky. What happens there affects us all. Most of us, the residents in Hedon commute into the city to work, shop and socialise. It’s important we have our say and I advise as many of you as possible to have a look when the website is up and running and contribute to this fantastic idea.

Hull City Council are also courting a number of large renewable energy companies. The one we all hear about is Siemens, fingers crossed come the New Year they will have signed on the dotted line to build the Greenport. This development will open up a real conundrum for our area. The choice between investment, jobs and development moving out of the city boundaries and into the East Riding Countryside or keeping the green space between us and our city neighbours.

I have used social media to have my opinion on this topic. I urge you all to take some time to have your opinion. Help shape the future of the area.


Hedon Town Council view – Planning Committee Meeting 25th October – response to East Riding Council.

Site HAV1

Hedon Town Council is concerned regarding the proposal to site heavy industry in such close proximity to neighbouring towns/villages – Hedon/Paull etc due to the possible increase in noise, traffic, traffic pollution and environmental pollution. Hedon Town Council feels that the economic gain would be far outweighed by the possible long term detrimental effects a “heavy” commercial development could have on the surrounding area and would very much prefer to see only light industrial proposals for this site.

Site HAV 2

Hedon Town Council is extremely concerned with the resulting total erosion of green space between the settlements of Hedon and Paull and industrial sites at Saltend that will ensue should development of this site progress. Industrial development of this area will impact on the adjacent Hedon Haven – an ancient monument. There is a fresh water pond located at the centre of the development site which, according to a survey carried out by Yorkshire Water, is home to great crested newts and water voles. Hedon Town Council will resist any development of site HAV 2, however, if this land is allocated for development any scheme MUST include for SUBSTANTIAL screening.


Whilst there is general agreement on the needs for investment and jobs to come to the area, the current debate seems to hinge on the extent to which Hedon is prepared to lose its green space areas. So what are your views on this?

Leave a comment below. E-mail us at hedonblog@gmx.com Comment on Facebook or contact us on Twitter @HedonBlog and we also hope to be out and about in the Market Place asking your views.

6 thoughts on “Investment and Jobs or Green Space? Have Your Say!

  1. I think Neil is right. It is time for a change and people need to start getting involved with local issues. I am not a “build at all costs” merchant. I am simply looking at what would be best for the area in which I live. That also includes our neighbouring city.

    How does Hedon (and surrounding villages) evolve in the coming years? If things take off in our area then how can Hedon and its village neighbours ensure they get the best deal.

    I have a few ideas / questions I would like to put out.

    1. If land is made available for industrial development, adjacent to the Haven. Is there and opportunity to work together to finally re-open the Haven as a pleasure craft mooring port/marina? This has been talked about for as long as I can remember. Could this happen?

    2. The western fringe of Hedon would be close to any development. This development would provide screening for noise etc…. would there be an option for using soil banking and tree planting strategy’s thus providing areas of nature, dog walkers and children’s play.

    3. Could some deal making between the councils occur to ensure the airfield area for example would always be green space. Obviously the deal would mean other land being used for development. If this happens the airfield could be turned into actual park land and used by the whole area.

    4. Is there an opportunity for the area to be a pioneer and produce its own electricity? Could Hedon work with the major companies who may relocate to the area to build its own turbine? This would help keep the cost of energy down in the area. This, im sure, would be complicated but why not?

    5. What next for the old football field on Drapers Lane. Could this be either used for a sports team or be turned into park land. It is currently decaying making it more attractive to potential builders. The drapers lane field is a massive missed opportunity in my opinion by he then council to provide the area with a great sports facility as proposed at the time. we now do not have football team which plays in Hedon.

    6. knowing that the land either side of Hull road (near saltend) was owned by ABP and HCC – should Hedon Council have approved a park and ride.It being the lesser of two evils.

    Should we be looking across the North Sea to Holland? They seem to combine the need for industry with the need for green space pretty well. They also seem to have any flood risk minimised.

    lets start talking about the future of the area and what we want as residents. Its our opinion that counts in the end.

    1. I must say James, you are certainly forwward thinking, you have some great ideas , you should consider standing for council at some point, you would certainly get my support. The Football field as far as im aware cannot be used for building on due to some agreement made when the property was gifted, it can only be used as a sports facility,

  2. Im very interested in this debate, i would hate to see development on the old airfield, its a wonderful green space, however i feel over recent years our local councillors have let us down, we didnt want the poo factory, we didnt want the incinerator thingy, we didnt want building down ivy lane or tiny good for nothing houses built in ridiculous places off the main street, Maybe if we had protected our green spaces earlier in the day it wouldnt have become what now seems like the norm to build on our treasured green areas. we needed a new school on westlands estate and got a private residential homes project, we are desperate for new social housing, Seems to me priorities are governed by how much money can be made from development as opposed to what the people really want and need. People need to invest some time in using there votes when local elections come up seems we get the same people with the same views time after time, Maybe its time for a change …..POWER TO THE PEOPLE

  3. Just so no-one misunderstands the situation James, the land under discussion in this morning’s Hull Mail is the Enterprise Zone 2 site behind the B.P. Complex, on the right hand side of the Saltend to Paull Road. This is more or less set in stone now and no amount of local opposition will alter that. The Mail article makes that very clear.
    However the land that I have repeatedly raised concerns over, not only in Hedon Town Council, but on the HU12 and Hedon Blogs too, is the larger tract of land to the east of the Paull Road, all the way over towards the Kingstown Roundabout, about twice the size of the Enterprise Zone.
    Whilst not being against the idea of job creation, and improving the local economy, I, and many other people to whom I have spoken are very concerned about the wholesale erosion of the green space between the city’s industrial area, and the town of Hedon, possibly resulting in another ‘Sutton’ situation where we would be swallowed up by urban sprawl. If ABP, who own all this land, get away with this, the next thing would be Hull City Council putting the Airport field forward for inclusion too.
    What needs to happen is for local people to become involved in the consulation process in the New Year so our feelings are known (whatever they are) to those who make these major decisions.
    I will continue to keep bloggers informed of developments, and in the meanwhile a meeting has been fixed for Ward Members to discuss the whole situation with Senior Planning Officers at Beverley in early January.

    John Dennis Cllr.
    ERYC Ward Member for SW Holderness

    1. A small point that seems to have been overlooked in the Town Council’s response is the presence of great crested newts on the HAV2 site adjacent to the Kingstown roundabout on the edge of Hedon. These are strictly protected by British and European law which makes it an offence to kill, injure, capture or disturb them; damage or destroy their habitat; and to possess sell or trade. This law refers to all great crested newt life stages, including eggs..www.arc-trust.org/animals/great_crested_newt.php

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