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Hedon Town Council Meeting 28 January 2021

A quick look at last night’s Hedon Town Council meetings – Market Place parking, dog fouling and the roll out of the vaccination programme just some of the issues covered.

This report is based on observation of the Hedon Town Council Zoom remote meetings held last night (28 Jan 21).

Public Participation meeting9 members present chaired by the Mayor Councillor Colin Billany. Members of the public present via Zoom.

Old Hedon Post Office. Question about the heritage statement being disregarded by the council. Councillor Dennis said that this was the applicant’s statement and the East Riding Conservation Officer had not agreed with it. Councillor Dennis also reported that the wooden boards at the building had now been removed.

Greville Road amenity area. Question about using the area for organised football teams. Councillors responded that they faced difficulties regarding accessing the site other than for grass cutting (tractor). Local residents had complained about anti-social behaviour and also a problem with parking at the site. A litter bin at the site had been removed after problems with collection of waste and overflowing rubbish. However, the council could look at replacing goal posts to enable informal play. The town council had applied for a ‘dogs on lead’ order for Greville Road but this had been refused and would not be reviewed for a few years.

Question: If Greville Road wasn’t suitable, then could the council look at another location for a play area option suitable on Inmans? The council in its business meeting later agreed to set up an Amenities Working Group which would review the areas available.

Market Place parking. A question about problems with the diagonal reverse parking. Councillor Gallant explained that the plan implemented by the East Riding Council had not been supported by the Town Council. A promised six-month review of the scheme never happened. As far as the East Riding was concerned there had been no accidents since the scheme had been implemented. The petition collected by residents should be sent to the East Riding Council and any footage of accidents/mishaps should be sent too. A suggestion to install railings at either end of the car park to deter pedestrians from crossing the car park, would be looked at by the the next Property Committee.

Financial & General Purposes Committee – 9 members present chaired by Councillor Steve Gallant. This was immediately followed by a short full council meeting with the same attendees.

Hedfest – A council working group is to meet remotely next week to discuss the feasibility of holding the event this year.

An electric car charging point has been installed in Iveson Close car park. Councillor Gallant explained that the East Riding Council is currently reviewing the use and performance of charging points already installed before deciding whether to introduce any more.

Town Centre business workshop. All local businesses had been sent invitations to take part in the free online business workshop on Thursday 4 February. The Reopening High Streets Safely workshop would particularly give advice on the safe opening of the town centre post-COVID-19.

Dog fouling had got noticeably worse during the lockdowns councillors had observed. Councillor Di Storr suggested that since there were only 3 dog wardens to cover the whole of the East Riding the onus was on ourselves (the council and residents) ‘to do what we can’ to report the problem to the wardens. Councillor Dennis said it was important that reports to the wardens were very specific as to who, what, where and when if wardens were to effectively follow up reports. All council litter bins now took dog waste bags. The council’s previously installed poop bag dispenser bins had now all been removed. The council would get stickers for litter bins advising of the wardens’ details. The issue would feature in the next council newsletter and information sent to local vets and schools.

Holderness Health had sent information regarding the COVID-19 vaccination programme. Based on that information Councillor Gallant said that the number of vaccinations completed by now was probably over 2,000. It was agreed by the council to write to Holderness Health expressing gratitude for the excellent and safe rollout of the vaccination programme.

Climate Change. The East Riding Council had published its 36-page climate change document after 14 months deliberation. The council’s Climate Change Working Group would meet to discuss the report and its implications for Hedon’s own Carbon Neutral audit.

An Amenities Working Group would be formed to which any interested councillors could join. It would look at and review the amenity areas the council had responsibility for and make suggestions to full council on changes on rules, maintenance and other relevant issues. A resident who had contacted the council with ideas for growing food in the local area for use by the Food Bank would be invited to the first meeting too.

Food Bank. Councillors gave their congratulations and showed their appreciation to Councillors Jason Brindley and Sarah Rommell for the work they were doing for the Hedon Food Bank at the Amy Black Centre.

Note: This article is based on notes made whilst ‘attending’ the Zoom meetings of Hedon Town Council. It is not a record of everything discussed nor is it a record of any decisions made by the council, but merely an interpretation of the discussion that took place.


5 thoughts on “Hedon Town Council Meeting 28 January 2021

  1. Steve. As I understand it, it was removed from its original position near the entrance, across to the end of the field, by a resident. Obviously not a helpful move, but equally obvious it wasn’t liked in it’s original position.
    Without a bin, people now will need to to take their rubbish and dog poo bags home or to the next nearest bin.

    1. Thanks John.

      Are the residents reasons for relocating the bin known? An issue with overflowing litter compromising their property? Or just too near their property?

      If the former, then still a driver for more frequent emptying. Hedon or ERYC responsibility?

      1. Hi Steven – My understanding from observing the meeting is that the litter bin needed the consent of nearby residents to be installed, but they withdrew that co-operation when the ERYC left it uncollected for a while (‘overflowing and smelly’).

        I’m no expert on how the ERYC operates, but if a litter bin is formally requested and they are able to service that bin (as they did in the past), then the council would need to consult on the idea of installing that bin with the local residents.

  2. “A litter bin at the site had been removed after problems with collection of waste and overflowing rubbish…”

    So a bin that is obviously used is removed. You’d be hard pressed to find a more ridiculous outcome.

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