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Massive Enterprise development at Hedon Haven considered by ERYC Planning Committee

Between Saltend Chemicals Park and the small village of Paull, this is one of the largest allocated industrial employment development sites in the UK.

A PLANNING APPLICATION to develop the Humber International Enterprise Park is being considered by the East Riding of Yorkshire Planning Committee on Thursday, 4 February 2021. This is the largest employment allocation within the East Riding Council’s Local Plan and one of the largest allocated industrial employment development sites in the UK. There is the potential to provide over 6,000 jobs according to council planners.

Outline planning permission is sought by Associated British Ports to develop a massive 467 acre (189 ha) site between the Saltend Chemicals Park and the village of Paull. Construction of up to 399,950 square metres of employment floorspace is proposed and 5,111sqm of flexible commercial floorspace. Full planning permission is also requested for a new road which would link the A1033 from the Sainsbury’s roundabout on Hull Road in Preston South to Paull Road. The site is strategically located adjacent to the Port of Hull, with potential quayside access via a dedicated railroad link connecting the site into the wider UK networks.

The current application was validated in December 2018, but the industrial development of the Hedon Haven has long been opposed by Paull Parish Council ever since the issuing of a local development order covering part of the site in 2013. The parish council has highlighted the increased flood risks the development might engender, the additional traffic generated and the overall negative impacts on village life. Should the development go ahead then the parish council has submitted detailed proposals for mitigation measures including a separation or buffer zone with landscaping and flood alleviation lagoons. The parish council has also objected to the application being considered during the current pandemic and fear that the voices of opposition will not be fully heard. Also objecting to the planning application are Preston Parish Council, Hedon Town Council and Thorngumbald, Camerton and Ryehill parish councils. In addition over 800 individual letters opposing the application have been received by the authority. 

PADEL (Paull Against Development of Enterprise Land) is a campaign group established over the last three years with over 500 members on Facebook. It has organised meetings and a letter-writing campaign against the planning application. A speaker from the group is expected to be one of the official objectors allowed to speak remotely at the planning committee meeting. 

In the report by council planning officers to be put before councillors at the meeting, it states that this major development will undoubtedly have adverse effects on the surrounding area.

“It is acknowledged that there would likely be adverse effects on the living conditions of particularly those residents on Hedon Road Paull, this would be limited to a small number of properties. While many of these effects fall to be assessed at the reserved matters stage, it is clear that the development will be visible in the landscape, will lead to an increase in traffic and will fundamentally change the character of the site which is currently open agricultural land. It is acknowledged that there would be harm to the significance of heritage assets, some of which are of the highest significance. It is considered that the reasoning for allowing this application has been clearly and convincingly justified, and the substantial public benefits established. It is a very large employment allocation for port related uses, providing potentially over 6,000 jobs and the predicted effects of the development are commensurate with a development of this scale.”

Summary and recommendation – Application 18/04071/STPLFE

Council planning officers have recommended that the application be deferred, but subject to satisfactory resolution of concerns regarding the new road and mitigation measures and other necessary legal agreements being in place, it should eventually be approved for planning permission with that decision delegated to the council’s Director of Planning and Economic Regeneration.  

The meeting takes place virtually and remotely on Thursday 4 February 2021 at 2pm. Observers can join the meeting via YouTube

Find out more about the planning application at the East Riding Publc Access website and search for reference: 18/04071/STPLFE

1 thought on “Massive Enterprise development at Hedon Haven considered by ERYC Planning Committee

  1. As a resident of Paull i feel that ABP are as usual looking for a back door so to rush ahead without an in person public meeting is another sneaky move. People who live in villages chose to live in a village not next to an industrial estate. Hedon Road traffic is appalling enough as it is from the ports use, without adding extra to it. How can a company be allowed to destroy a full village? Paull does not want this as nearly every person in the village objected to it. We may be a small village but we are very close and very upset about what the giant that ABP want to do to use. Please say no!!!

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