RIPLEY’S REMINISCENCES returns with his school photo from 1948!

This is just one of a number of historic photos that Malc Ripley has sent us that are guaranteed to keep folk interested and nostalgic during the next few weeks! As ever, the support of readers to share the information here, in an attempt to fill any gaps, is much appreciated.

If you have nostalgic photos or stories to share on the Hedon Blog – then please do contact us at email: and we’ll aim to publish them too.

Class of 1948 Hedon County Primary School snip
Class of 1948 – Hedon School


1 — Miss Margaret Raper.
2 — Albert Wilson, (deceased).
3 — Malc Hurd.
4 — Malc Ripley. East Hull.
5 — Bob Lee.
6 — Denis Mitchell.
7 — Roy Sigsworth.
8 — David Hill.
9 — Unknown.
10 – Peter Gant. London
11 – Keith Johnson. Baildon.
12 – Ray Storey. Withernsea?
13 – Heather Thompson.
40 – Ann Kirkwood. Hedon.
14 – Winnie Hall. (deceased)
15 – Unknown.
16 – Barbara ? Ketley.
17 – Barbara Head. Hedon.
18 – Sheila Barrett.
19 – Pat Horseman. Hedon.
20 – Unknown.
21 – Unknown.
22 – Barbara Bogg.
23 – Margaret Heptonstall. near Sigglesthorne.
24 – Wendy Smith.
25 – Barbara Rudd. Hull?
26 – Margaret Beadle.
27 – Unknown.
28 – Brenda Mablethorpe.( deceased.)
29 – Audrey Raven. Hedon.
30 – June Scott.
31 – Gladys Wallis.
32 – Sid Ketley.
33 – Norman Hunter. York ?
34 – Artie Saunders. went to Australia.
35 – Bernard Brown.
36 – Gerald Rookyard. Paull.
37 – Les Ward.
38 – Alan Harness.
39 – Unknown.

Where are you now? Anyone else help with information?
Please let the’ Hedon Blog’ know!

Malc Ripley.

9 thoughts on “The Class of 1948 – Hedon

  1. Hi no 19 is not Patricia Horseman, she was in class below this been aged 8 at this time. Also she doesn’t recall a Barbara Ketley

  2. The only one I knew personally was Peter Gant, who lived down Ketwell Lane and was in a partnership with his father, but didn’t know he’d eventually gone to London. I was a friend of his younger sister Rita and I remember him building a canoe from the (then) new fibre glass.

  3. Jim,
    I was a good friend of your Dad, we used to talk cricket usually whenever I came into Hedon , he used to be out with his dog sometimes.Albert used to wave to me when I was Umpiring at Middle Lane – that’s a long time ago however…… His Dad – they lived in Elder grove then , had a coat with a Hull City badge on it, I recollect, this was before they moved onto Westlands. Happy days!

  4. Hi Malc
    My Dad is at No2 he would have been 10 in 1948 I also know Siggy ( Roy Sigsworth ) He moved out Keyingham way.
    My dad went to school With hos Cousin Colin Nelthorpe who may be one of your unknowns but I.m not 100 percent sure. After this pic my dad had to go to Withernsea school everyday becauae South Holderness wasnt built then….
    By the way Thanks for the pic Malc.

  5. Angela /Lisa
    Half time at the rugby League, thanks for that, yes good days, please give them both my best wishes too!
    Lisa, please tell Malcolm I’m still Umpiring , 53 seasons on – come April, all being well! As he played for SHCC also. Cheers, Malc.

  6. hello Malcolm Ripley
    no 33 is my cousin Norman Hunter he does live in the York Area I love all the items you keep putting on here I left Hedon In 1967 what a lovely place to grow up in then,.

  7. Hi Malcolm, my dad is no.3 Malcolm Hurd I’ve yet to show him the picture but I’m sure it will jog some great memories, we live now in west hull villages. Lisa

  8. hello Malc.
    number 39 looks like an old photo of my dad Douglas but the date would make him 14/ 15 at the time not sure what people left school in them days ?? .

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