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Hedon Christmas Lights 2015 – Picture Gallery

Hedon Christmas Lights event 2015 – in pictures! With more to come so keep visiting this page 🙂

Photos: Ray Duffill and Rachel Cliffe

13 thoughts on “Hedon Christmas Lights 2015 – Picture Gallery

  1. ” Ive spotted it!”
    It was the S Holderness Swimming Club Bottle Raffle at Green Print!
    No 165 number winner!!
    Sorry Ray – so you are 50p worse off already.
    To all who know me, or don’t, too, A very Happy and Safe Christmas to you ALL!!
    Cheers,Malc Ripley.

  2. I’m running a little game over the next 12 hours – closing 10pm tonight. The aim is to raise a tenner £10 for one of our local voluntary organisations.

    Spot this bottle in one of the photos above then reply to this comment with the words “I’ve spotted it!” and the name of the voluntary organisation associated with the photo. For the first 20 people who do this correctly – I’ll give 50p for each to that organisation’s funds.

    The bottle was kindly donated to me by the person who won it – she obviously thought I needed it! (I do, I do! What a great prize).

    In order for this to work, comments left on the Blog during the next 12 hours won’t actually publish until after 10pm.
    Bottle Jack Daniels

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