Code cracking rewards

WOW! These code crackers scored an amazing 26 points – a full house- in the Hedon Treasure Hunt! Each team won a certificate and a prize voucher…

Peter, Cllr David Thompson, Jim, Abbie, Alison, Charlotte and ChloeWITTY CITY and Uney’s Unique Code Crackers got their well-deserved prize vouchers from Hedon Town Council last week for cracking the clues in the Hedon Treasure Hunt. Both teams scored an amazing 25 correct answers out of 25 tough questions – and both teams answered a bonus question too giving each 26 points!

Hedon deputy Mayor Councillor David Thompson presented the prizes and declared the event a real fun success with 30 teams taking part in the Hunt which took place on Bank Holiday Monday 26th May 2014. He said that the council will aim to run a similar event next year – but with different questions of course.

After presenting the gift vouchers, the deputy Mayor also commended Jim Uney for his poem published on the Hedon Blog last week: The Hedon Treasure Hunt.

After collecting her prize Alison Witty admitted that most of her, Charlotte and Chloe’s questions had been answered by her husband who unfortunately couldn’t make it for presentation – Shuuush! We won’t tell Alison 🙂

Congratulations to all the winners.

Photo: Peter, next to Deputy Mayor Cllr David Thompson, Abbie and Jim made up Uney’s Unique Code Crackers and Alison, Charlotte and Chloe made up Witty City.

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