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Council News Update – December 2013

TRANSPORT related issues featured heavily at the last Hedon Town Council meeting on Thursday 12th December 2013….

parking Market HillTRANSPORT related issues featured at the last Hedon Town Council meeting on Thursday 12th December 2013.

We’ve already alerted readers about the radical proposal for a local transport service to help alleviate parking problems in the town, but other transport issues included:

  • Watson Drive - rat run say residentsA petition was received signed by 54 residents complaining about Watson Drive being used as a ‘rat run’ for speeding traffic. Drivers frequently used the street as a shortcut between main roads. There was a call for some kind of traffic-calming measures. The council would send a copy of the petition to the East Riding Council with a request for a response and recommendations for tackling the problems highlighted by the residents.
  • Concerns about dangers during peak-traffic times on the roads at Johnson’s Corner had been raised previously at the council. Near-miss accidents have been witnessed and reported to town councillors, however, the East Riding Council who is responsible for highways, is only able to act upon official data collected on accident rates collated by the Police, and these did not currently indicate the location as an accident spot. Town councillors were concerned that it might take a fatality at the location before action was taken. The East Riding Councillors present (Cllrs Bryan and Dennis) were asked if they could chase this issue up with the authority to see what could be done.
  • New Road Bus StopThe conditions around the New Road bus stop had been raised as a concern. When the stop was in use and busy, passers-by had to step onto the verge which was in a poor muddy state and currently covered in slippery dead leaves. As well as the inconvenience of stepping into the mud, it was feared that there was an increased risk of falls. Hedon Town Council would contact the responsible East Riding Council for recommendations for action.

Other issues at Hedon Town Council:

  • The council’s Emergency Plan for dealing with winter conditions and severe weather needed to be updated. With the onset of snowy and icy conditions then Hedon Town Council’s powers to act and responsibility are really quite limited, but salting (not carried out by the East Riding Council) would take place on specific footpaths itemised by the plan. Currently, these are primary footpaths on: St Augustines Gate, Market Place, Church Gate, Stockwell Lane, Market Hill (outside Doctor’s Surgeries) and Town Centre Car Parks. The Emergency Plan leaflet issued last year would be re-issued where necessary.
  • Hedon Town Council owns and is responsible for 14 street lights across town. A maintenance agreement is in place with the East Riding Council to take care of these. This costs approximately £300 each year.
  • And finally…. Councillor David Thompson was elected as vice-chairman of Hedon Town Council and therefore becomes the new Deputy Mayor. Councillor Thompson’s wife Carole will be the new Deputy Mayoress.

The office at Hedon Town Council will close for the Christmas holidays on Thursday 19th December at 3:30pm and will open again on Thursday 2nd January 2014.

8 thoughts on “Council News Update – December 2013

  1. Following the issue of the New Road bus stop being raised at the Hedon Town Council meeting in December i.e. “poor muddy state”, potential for falls, etc, it is good to see improvements now being made by the East Riding Council:
    Improvements bus stop

  2. In the minutes of the Hedon Town Council meeting 28thNov its says “the council refutes the untruths being told outside of the council chamber”. I wish to state that we have never told any untruths. The minute should be expunged from the record.

  3. Residents of St Augustines Mews have been upset after receiving what they say is a very abrupt letter from Hedon Town Council, just before Christmas, requiring them to improve the footpath to the rear of their properties as it could be dangerous to members of the public, this is strange as the mews is private with gated access, opposite the Town Hall. It is thought that the footpath in question may be that at the rear of the Town Hall and that the letters should have gone to properties on St Augustines Court and Blue Ball Entry. Lets hope the wording could be a little more pleasant.

  4. I see councillor Thomson has been elected deputy Mayor, it would seem those involved with the ousting of our elected mayor and councillor Anne Suggit have got what they wanted in the end , this is why I and many others asked for all councillors to stand down and a full election be called, although this point of view has had little coverage on the blog.
    Councillor Thomson is an unelected member of the council who was voted out at the last election, then co opted back on when a position became available, how can he possibly be considered as mayor , tell me again im wrong about the Hedon council being a closed shop. The next mayor is going to be a councill member the public voted out?.

  5. Cllr Thompson has been elected as Deputy Mayor, so it is likely he will be nominated to be Mayor in May, he is not an elected councillor he was co-oped by the council, not voted onto the council by the electorate at the last council elections.

  6. I laugh at how many drivers cut the corner on the s bend on Watson Drive by the corner of Chappelry Garth and are often on the wrong side of the road. If drivers don’t slow down for this hazardous bend then I don’t know what will.

    A review of gritting in Hedon will be welcome. Gritting provisions on Leaf Sail Farm urgently need looking at before for it turns into the usual winter ice rink. The bend on Cleeve Road near Sacred Gate is a nightmare to negotiate when icy.

  7. …. And a reminder about the Hedon Calendar folks! The Council reported that they’ve broken even on the Calendar, but now more need to be sold to raise funds towards community events next year!

    The Calendar is a smashing souvenir and would make a great gift for someone at Christmas…. now, who have you forgotten to buy a present for…..?

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