Westlands Drain - Sun 26 Jan 2014
Westlands Drain – Sun 26 Jan 2014

THOSE SIGNED up to the Environment Agency’s Flood Warnings Direct service will have received phone calls, text messages or e-mail alerts yesterday about possible floods.

The messages amongst other things, advise that residents prepare a flood kit including a torch, batteries, mobile phone, warm clothes, water, food and any prescription medicines you may need. And that people should avoid walking, cycling or driving through flood water.

The Flood Alerts are a very good service, but precautionary in most instances. A local scan of the ‘drains’ on Sunday – when it rained torrents! – showed them higher than normal, but not critically so – and they were lower yesterday. However, it can take hours or days for water to flow from higher ground to reach our local waterways, so vigilance is always encouraged

If you haven’t signed up for Flood Warnings Direct, then visit the Environment Agency website.

Visit: https://fwd.environment-agency.gov.uk/app/olr/home

PS: I was out on my ‘Blog Beat’ in the pouring rain on Sunday, and I would like to give my thanks to the gentleman who lives on Cleeve Road who offered to give me a lift back into Hedon. Much appreciated – and quite rare these days to offer such assistance to a stranger. I didn’t take the offer up as I still had areas to cover – but many thanks indeed! – Ray Duffill

2 thoughts on “Precautionary Flood Alerts issued

  1. McKenzie – I’ve been exposing this for going on a year now, and many other EA staff are beginning to expose further abuse, waste and mismanagement. £1.2 Billion organisation with over 7,000 vehicles and 11,900 staff that can’t get the most basic of its activities right.

  2. Why don’t the environment agency get their fingers out and clean the ditches out instead of saying it’s someone else’s job , and while their at it take another foot off the bank so ditches could take more water. The ditches near me haven’t been cleaned for over 10 years

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