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Leaf Sail Neighbourhood Walkabout

Neighbourhood Walkabout on Leaf Sail – Friday 28th February 2014 meeting at the Cleeve Road entrance to the estate at 2pm…..

Reporting potholes
Reporting potholes

THE HEDON BLOG has proposed a Neighbourhood Walkabout takes place on the Leaf Sail area of Hedon on Friday 28th February 2014 with residents interested in taking part meeting at the Cleeve Road entrance to the estate at 2pm.

The aim of the short 30 minute walk around the area is to pick up on any issues of concern (might be litter, dog muck, pot holes, drainage problems, broken street lights, state of the amenities and park, parking problems, etc) with a view to reporting these to the relevant authorities.

We will issue invites to local councillors and service providers to join us on the Walkabout although envisage it will be very much resident-led.

We will keep a log on the Hedon Blog of issues recorded and chart the progress made in resolving these.

The event should take place whatever the weather – if it’s torrential rain or snow and ice, then we will be able to pick issues up accordingly. Please dress accordingly.

Find out more about the idea of local Neighbourhood Walkabouts at our article: Neighbourhood Walkabouts and problem reporting.

2 thoughts on “Leaf Sail Neighbourhood Walkabout

    1. Thanks Neil – I’ll be there whatever the weather at 2pm on Friday. I haven’t issued formal invites to councillors and service providers (although they are all are warmly welcome!), because local residents obviously need to show an interest first.

      Hopefully I wont be on my own, but if so, I’ll treat is as a ‘blog beat’ to pick up on local issues for this website 🙂

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