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Hundreds at the Haven for Bonfire Night 2013

Hundreds turned out once again to enjoy Guy Fawkes Night and the fireworks at Haven Arms….

Haven Bonfire 2013 cu

THE PHOTO shows the wonderful glow from the Haven Arms Bonfire last night (5th November 2013) which heated and warmed the hundreds of families who had turned out once again to enjoy Guy Fawkes Night and the Fireworks.

Landlord Mark Hawksworth got the fire going nicely, after a first false start – it got lit and then promptly went out again, more bonfire training needed Mark 🙂 – and then the sky was illuminated by the Fireworks!

Landlord Mark Hawksworth lights the Haven bonfireHaven Bonfire 2013bFireworks Haven 2013

The Fireworks display was of the usual high standard we’ve come to expect, but faltered a little towards the end – the crescendo of explosive bursts that normally signifies the climax of the occasion was followed by one or two more bursts, which left some people not quite sure if the event had ended or not. But nothing was spoilt, and another marvellous Bonfire Night has been staged at the Haven. And it didn’t rain again!

There was another similar Bonfire Night event taking place last night just ‘up the road’ in The Camerton, Thorngumbald…. we wonder how that event got on? Is the Haven Arms unrivalled crown as the ‘best Bonfire Night in the area’ under threat we ask??

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  1. Ha Ha thanks Ray..you were obviously incognito again as I didnt see you at all either in the day when we were building the bonfire or at the time of the event! Lighting the bonfire was an absolute shocker – the wood was obviously quite damp after all the rain! Only saved by my secret (safe) ingredient to get it going – we would never use anything like petrol which is incredibly unsafe and possibly deadly. Although there were over 1000 people there, numbers were well down on last year, for reasons we do not know. I think we are back to people being low on cash after a busy summer and getting ready for the christmas spend. It could be that some people went elsewhere to see what they were doing. Like you, I would be interested to know what people thought of other events. Because it was less crazy than usual, we at the Haven were all able to enjoy the night more than in other years – some of the staff saw the fireworks for the first time in 7 years! We have no plans to alter what we do next year. Best regards. Mark.

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