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Hedon Town Calendar 2014

EVENTS COMMITTEE members from Hedon Town Council met to launch the Hedon Town Calendar 2014….

Cllrs Sarah Rommell, Di Storr, David Thompson, Gordon Thurston
Councillors Sarah Rommell, Di Storr, David Thompson, Gordon Thurston

EVENTS COMMITTEE members from Hedon Town Council met yesterday to formally launch the Hedon Town Calendar 2014.

The Calendar, with a different local photo depicting each month of the year, has been sponsored by local businesses and is being sold for £2.99.

The proceeds from the Calendar will kick-start a fund that will contribute towards and subsidise the costs of an exciting programme of community events taking place in 2014. Each event will aim to be self-financing and raise enough surplus to invest into the next and other events.

Councillor David Thompson said: “We kept hearing the refrain from people, that ‘there’s nothing ever going on in Hedon’ other than the big civic events and the Christmas lights switch-on, so we’ve decided to do something about that! A variety of smaller community events are being organised, one for each month of 2014.”

On the Calendar itself, Councillor Di Storr said: “The calendar is a great souvenir and would make a wonderful Christmas gift. It also serves to raise money towards our programme of community events and activities for 2014.”

Hedon Town Calendar hungThe Calendar (£2.99) can be bought at:

  • Hedon Town Hall (open 9:00am to 3:00pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays);
  • John Dennis Estate Agents, St Augustine’s Gate
  • Frames of Hedon, Souttergate
  • Occasions of Hedon, Market Place

And some of the events being arranged so far for 2014:

  • FEBRUARY: Tues 18th, Coach trip to York railway museum with free time in the City
  • MARCH: Sat 8th Hedon Cake Bake
  • MAY: Mon 26th Hedon Treasure Hunt
  • JUNE: Sat 7th Hedon Amateur Dog Show

More details, tickets, booking information, etc on these and other events will be available in the New Year.

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  1. I think the Council organising a series of events is a great idea. I hope people come out and support them. The more people get involved, the more money will be generated to support bigger better community events. Well done

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