Evening song – by Peter Ainscough

I love that time as the day is ending,
When silence creeps in on the noisy day
And everything seems to want to delay
The fray of the long days contending.

It’s the time when the birds return to the nest
Or stay on the branch of the spreading tree
Closing their eyes to all that they see,
Now settled to quiet night’s rest.

Or a sunset settling into the sea,
As the seabirds switch off their squealing cries
And the light and journeying of day dies,
Leaving the silence of evening to me.

The hills climb up to the distant skies
And the landscape fades to a different hue,
The calm of a different evening view
While the light of day finally dies.

The curtains are drawn and the evening rest,
From the toils and stress of the work of the day
Begins its effect in a more gentle way
And we know to expect only the best.

A seasonal mood-capturing poem by Peter.

Part of our Wednesday Writings.

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