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Support your Local Lifestyle Teams!

Lifestyle Team 5-Stars and a Wish

KEEP A LOOKOUT for the local Lifestyle Teams during the holidays as they use their time to raise money or get involved in a project to benefit good causes.

Every year thousands of young people aged between 10-16 team up with their friends and give up their time to take part in the Humberside Police Lifestyle Project. This year the Lifestyle project celebrates its 25th year of operation.

This team was selling home-made buns from a stall outside the Post Office to raise money for the RSPCA and the Teenage Cancer Trust. They were particularly excited because one gentleman had just taken four buns for a donation of £10!

We understand there are about six Hedon-based teams taking part this year. If you see them out and about engaged in useful activities then give them your support, it’s all for community benefit and you could be helping that team win one of the fabulous prizes associated with Lifestyles.

Find out more from this YouTube video (including interviews with team members from Hedon’s ‘Ultras’).

If you have any news to share with the Hedon Blog about your local Lifestyles team events, contact hedonblog@gmx.com

Visit: www.humberside.police.uk/lifestyle/

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