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UPDATE: Waste Water Treatment Works

AN UPDATE on the latest news from Yorkshire Water’s Waste Water Treatment Works from the company’s Matt Thompson…

Damaged Odour Control UnitAN UPDATE on the latest news from Yorkshire Water’s Waste Water Treatment Works has been sent to us by Matt Thompson, their Media spokesperson:

Matt Thompson - Yorkshire Water
Matt Thompson – Yorkshire Water – aiming to keep us updated

“Following last week’s fire at our Hull waste water treatment works, we’re working hard to mitigate the loss of the smaller of our two onsite odour control units, which was irreparably damaged.

Over the course of the weekend, we successfully diverted some of the odours which were previously fed through the now defunct smaller unit, to the larger £3.5 million unit, which continues to perform well.

To build on this progress, we are now looking at what other additional resources we could draw upon to ensure we continue to effectively manage odours around the site.

We would like to reassure you that we remain acutely aware that we’re approaching a critical time of year for the plant and that our contingency plans are being considered at the very highest levels within the company.

We’ll be updating our website with all the latest information.”

Mr Thompson will be updating us regularly on developments at the site. Subscribers to their updates service  – via the website – will receive a weekly e-mail on developments.

Visit: yorkshirewater.com/saltend

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