Sweeney’s friend by Peter Ainscough

Twas in the bar that I met Sweeney’s friend,
We’d had a few, of that I am quite sure.
We had discussed the merits of a blend
That none of us had tasted there before.
It was a whiskey of a powerful mien,
Quite mellow in the look, but not the taste.
We downed a glass or two and in between
Made sure the beer did never go to waste.
By ten upon the clock we all were drunk,
But quietly, as gentlemen should be;
Old Sweeney to the floor had slowly sunk –
When suddenly by his side it seemed to me
I saw a little man dressed all in green,
Who said straight out, “Y’re stewed, me auld spalpeen!”

Peter says: “I had been experimenting with the sonnet form of poem. Although this form (much used be Shakespeare and others) is normally reserved for romantic poems I decided to explore it as a vehicle for humour. I don’t know if I succeeded but I certainly had fun trying!”

We certainly had fun reading ‘Sweeney’s friend, Peter!

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