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Wednesday Writings – The Faerie Wood

…That prince has stolen my own dark bride,
The girl who I took to stay by my side…

The Faerie Wood Peter John Ainscough

There’s a faerie wood on a mountainside
By a darkland glen with a stream beside;
And into the wood the fay folk ride,
As the moon hides behind the clouds.

I heard the sound of the elfinhorn,
As the first light’s glow announced the dawn,
And the wood grew still as the day was born,
To banish the faerie crowd.

“Don’t enter the wood, my bonny young bride
Stay in our bed, stay here at my side.”

But my love had fled for her heart had lied,
As to the faerie she rode.

There’s a faerie prince on a faerie horse
Who rides in the wood as the faerie hunts course,
Chasing the hare through bracken and gorse
In the depths of the faerie wood.

That prince has stolen my own dark bride,
The girl who I took to stay by my side
Forever. The sad night owls cried
To see her enter the wood.

She was my bride for so few hours,
Dressed in lace and bedecked with flowers.
She held me, we kissed in our nuptial bower,
But now she is gone to the wood.

“Macushla, I weep for your raven hair.
My sweetheart I grieve for your feet so bare.
My love come back to our cottage fair;
And forget the faerie wood.”

My voice sounds hollow and echoes the while,
I hear far laughter, the kind to beguile.
I weep to myself to remember her smile.
Now she’s left me and gone for good.

“What would you want with a bride of mine?
Where will you take her to be with your kind?;
Where can I look?”
I know I’ll not find

My love in the depths of that wood.

I have hunted and searched for many a year.
I have looked in the sunlight and when stars appear.
I have wearily searched for my own darling dear
Through the depths of that dark, dark wood.

Thanks to Peter for this poetic, romantic – perhaps gothic – fairy tale! Published later than expected (Thursday morning!), but a worthy Wednesday Writing!

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