Christmas LightsWE WERE DELIGHTED to get our photo of Hedon pop-starlet Jaimie-Leigh Smithson at the Hedon Christmas Lights on the front page of the Holderness Gazette this week – and the current issue covers lots of news from the Christmas Lights night and from the town generally. Make sure you buy a copy of the paper as a souvenir of the night!

The Hedon Blog’s association with the Gazette is getting the town a lot more coverage across the whole of the Holderness area.


Holderness Gazette - JaimieWE HAVE FEATURED Hedon’s Christmas Lights in the Gazette and the Blog – now we want to feature YOUR Christmas lights decorations!

Do you go overboard at Christmas and have a fantastic display in your garden, on the roof or elsewhere? Then we want to know your story! Why do you do it? What’s special about the Christmas season that prompts you to spend time and money on spreading the Christmas cheer?

If you would be interested in talking to us about your Christmas Lights story and would like us to come and photograph you and them for the Blog and the newspaper – then get in touch!

Contact Ray at or – let’s share your Christmas Lights with the rest of Holderness!

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