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Popular and Best bits for 2010

TRADITIONALLY AT NEW YEAR we look back at what has been achieved in the old year.

The Hedon Blog probably ‘grew up’ during 2010 and – rather than just being a hobby blog – it became a website that local people began to use in greater numbers to find out information about their home town.

In its first month of operation (Feb 2009) the Hedon Blog had just over 200 page views – in its latest month (Dec 2010) the statistics reveal that over 8,300 visited the Blog. There were 22,375 page views in 2009, and 73,929 in 2010. It is expected to reach over 100,000 individual page views by our 2nd anniversary in February 2011.

The Blog’s busiest month was December 2010. The affects of the Big Freeze prompted 2,703 visits to the Blog over the two days of Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd December 2010. People sought travel and weather news as the Big Freeze gripped the region and local area.

July and August 2010 were the busiest month prior to December. Coverage of Hedon’s Yorkshire Day Celebrations captured the imagination of local people, but also lead to many people finding the Blog (and Hedon) for the first time via Google and other internet search engines.

The official statistical Top Ten Posts of 2010 are listed below – but other stories also attracted new readers in 2010. The General Election Campaign coverage in April – May 2010 resulted in lots of new regular interest in the Blog and most of the major party candidates played their part in answering local questions posed by the Blog. The Blog also collected and published most of the leaflets posted through residents’ doors during the campaign via electionleaflets.org.

The attack on the HU17 website by the Hull Daily Mail shocked and outraged local hyperlocal publishers in March 2010 and prompted this response from the Hedon Blog: HU17.net is all about Beverley…. something the Hull Daily Mail is not! The campaign to defend HU17 helped put the Hedon Blog in touch with other similar community websites across the country.

The Hedon Newsletter ceased publication this year after its 16th issue. This is a loss to the town and we wish former editor Mike Cole all the best wishes in his retirement and thank him for his sterling work over the last few years.

Odours from Waste Water Treatment Works

Posts on the Saltend Smells remained popular and attracted many readers and comments during the year. Yorkshire Water regularly send updates on their work to reduce the odours from the Waste Water Treatment Works.

The most popular history article, was the sale of the old lighthouse in Paull. There appears to be a ready audience interested in such history articles. The article on Lambert House is visited regularly and the Blog was pleased to get permission to publish an image of Hedon Haven by FS Smith for an appeal issued by Hedon Museum: F.S. Smith in Holderness – Have you got a picture?

Other developments of note in 2010 was the development of www.hu12.net as the parent website of the Hedon Blog and the further development of the Facebook Page which currently has over 230 friends.

1. Snow on Car Roof: Bogus Text Messages More stats 2,736
2. Government Free Computers Scheme More stats 1,908
3. View local planning applications on East Riding Council Website. More stats 1,901
4. What’s On – Events More stats 1,282
5. Alison Hall Restaurant Opening Date More stats 1,224
6. Ghost in Hedon! More stats 977
7. About More stats 788
8. Alison Hall Hedon to open as a restaurant More stats 785
9. Yorkshire Day Celebrations 2010 More stats 732
10. Yorkshire Day 2010 in Hedon! More stats 699

Do you have any best bits we have not included?

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