hedon-picture001The Hedon Blog offers an online voice for communities in Hedon, East Yorkshire, UK and is part of the www.hu12.net family of local websites.

It is hoped to feature the news, information and stories about Hedon that matter to you.

The Blog will cover the ‘big’ issues that concern the town, but also aim to provide that very local information that is not readily available elsewhere i.e. local opening times, bus time-tables, notice of road-works and other disruption to services. It will bring you news of voluntary and community events and local campaigns. The Blog will bring you news from those that make important decisions about the town, and you will have an opportunity to have your say on these items.

A simple form can be completed on the What’s On page to let you tell us about any events that are going on in the town. The Blog will do its best to promote  your activity.

YOUR CONTRIBUTION, comments, information and thoughts are sought and valued on this website. Please leave comments on any post/article or if you prefer then email hedonblog@gmx.com For further information about how you can get involved look at the You can help… page.

The picture on this page is a greetings card on sale in the featured local post office and is published by Rushay Arts from an original painting by Stuart McKenzie Stoppard.

Also featured is Nutmegs, a charming tea-shop that sells fantastic yummy looking cakes! And in the background is the “King of Holderness” the St. Augustines Church.

A small market takes place every Wednesday just opposite the buildings shown here. A market has been taking place in the town for around 800 years!

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Website Disclaimer: Reasonable efforts will be made to ensure that the information contained within the Hedon Blog is correct and up to date. However the website disclaims liability for any loss, damage or inconvenience that occurs as a result of you using this website or reliance upon its content. The Hedon Blog does not accept any responsibility for information contained in linked websites or liability arising from their use.

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