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Hedon Town Council Meetings – November/December 2010

BRIEF NOTES of recent Hedon Town Council Meetings:

Including Town Hall Refurbishment : Volunteer Editor : Adverse Weather

The following summary from Jim Lindop is an overview from Hedon Town Council meetings held in November and December. They are based on discussions from the meeting and should not be taken as any official record. They are provided here for resident’s information and interest only.

  • Members discussed the two quotes received for the refurbishment of the Town Hall kitchen and also two quotes for the installation of a new central heating and hot water boiler. Members had some questions about the quotes so it was decided to contact the companies concerned for an explanation and that it would be prudent to seek a further quote for each job.
  • Members heard a statement from the environment agency stating that the dredging of Burstwick Clough would be delayed due to funding.
  • The Town Clerk gave details of costs incurred to maintain parish paths not owned by Hedon Town Council, following discussion it was resolved that the costs be noted and the ERYC Parish Paths Officer be invited to a meeting to discuss the issue.
  • Members were informed that as yet there has been no response to the advertisement for a volunteer newsletter editor; it was resolved to place advertisement s in additional locations.
  • Discussions took place in regard to members of the Council holding a street surgery in 2011 in the Market Place on Saturday mornings.
  • Following numerous meetings and a considerable amount of work by a working group the Council’s Standing Orders were adopted.
  • The Council are to assist East Riding planning department by participating in a pilot exercise for planning applications. Usually the Council receives paper copies of plans, however in the future if the pilot is successful this will be by email and the internet.
  • Discussions took place about the recent adverse weather; the lack of bus services and postal services during the recent bad weather. The Town Clerk applied for the extra money (£1000) from the East Riding Council to help local communities in snow clearing etc, this was received on Tuesday 14th Dec, on Thursday 120 bags of rock salt/grit was delivered along with a manual spreader, the costs for both was over £1200. Some discussion took place in regards to Hedon only receiving the specified amount when considering the size of the Town and the population numbers, compared to other places. Due to the Councils personnel not being available due to an operation, one of the councillors took the spreader out on Friday and salted/gritted St Augustines Gate, Market Hill, Souttergate, parts of Baxtergate and Thorn Road and New Road up to Ketwell Lane.

Residents are advised that if they have any concerns that they want to discuss or place before the Council, they should contact one of the councillors or the Town Clerk at the Town Hall, all contact numbers and email addresses are on the Council web site.

3 thoughts on “Hedon Town Council Meetings – November/December 2010

  1. Just want to add since the meeting and where it says “Members were informed that as yet there has been no response to the advertisement for a volunteer newsletter editor;” I have shown interest but no-one has got back to me

    1. Linda, please contact the Town Clerk or ring me, tel number on the Hedon Toiwn Council web site or in th phone book

  2. As a Retired Fire Officer and now a Hedon Town Councillor please take note, please close yours doors at night, unplug all the appliancies you can especially the xmas lights, dont come home late a little worse for wear and put a chip pan on, get a smoke alarm, a smoke alarm (about £4 or £5) will not stop a fire but it will at least raise the alarm. On behalf of the Hedon Town Council please have a great Chrishmas and a safe one, JimLindop

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