The following article has been received from Jim Uney:

MANY THANKS are due to Councillor Jim Lindop for his strictly unofficial notes from Hedon Town Council meetings, more accurate and interesting news now filters through to Hedon residents who happen to read The Hedon Blog on the internet.

Is it not possible to make these comments a regular feature, on any subject, and make them part of Hedon Town Council’s attempt to inform the public on Council matters much easier?

No doubt some will say that we already have a Town Council website, but it is infrequently updated and is not a source of easily obtained information on Council matters. To date, the last published minutes of a Town Council meeting was 22nd of July 2010, these were reporting the confirmation of the minutes or to receive the minutes of various committees.

Jim Uney, Hedon.

See: Briefing Note 23rd Sept and Planning Meeting 9th Sept 2010 for briefing notes from Councillor Lindop.

One thought on “Welcome Information from Councillor

  1. Thanks very much for the contributions of both Jims (Lindop and Uney)!

    The Hedon Blog was always intended to be a website where people could find information about the town and local community conversation could take place.

    The Blog will try and help any local organisation or agency share its information about activities in the town. And if the Blog can help raise awareness of local government and what decision-makers are doing on our behalf, then surely that must be a good thing!?

    The ‘Ghost in Hedon’ page is still available to use for other purposes – perhaps it could be used to regularly post information from the Town Council, East Riding Council and local MP?

    Anyone got a view on this? Leave a comment…

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