2 thoughts on “Biomass Power Station Plan Scrapped!

  1. My Initial reaction was one of surprise, and bemusement. HOTI were of the opinion that Dong had been very professional and had provided full and frank information packs. We could never see how they could make it financially or environmentally viable as much of the wood they were going to be burning was to be shipped in from the USA ! Those issues of course would have to be down to the company and from our local standpoint, if they were only going to burn natural wood (ie environmentally sourced and sustainable etc etc,) then maybe the scheme would be acceptable. However if they were going to bring in old used wood products with laminates or paint, or glues, or whatever then we’d need some re-assurance. The size of the chimney was also of concern to some local people, but that would have presumably added to the efficiency of the burning process. And – I am reliably informed – the fuel would be burned at such high temperatures there would be virtually no smoke to be seen from the stack.

    HOTI decided some months ago that we would keep an open mind but look at the detail when available, and if the Steering group felt it necessary, we would become involved in the next phase of the consultation process.

    John Dennis, Spokesman for HOTI

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