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Post from Jim Uney

JUDGING BY PHOTOGRAPHS taken on Saturday 9th of October it appears that Yorkshire Water have not yet started “the ongoing maintenance programme for Inmans Road Lagoon” previously mentioned by (Hedon Town) Councillor Lindop in his last posting.

The main gateway is completely overgrown, with the gate appearing not to have been opened for a long time.

One thing that is confirmed is that the Lagoon has become a wild-life haven for birds, and no doubt other wild-life, but maybe this is not a major problem, it’s the reliability of the hardware, valves etc, and the lack of permanent pumps which is the outstanding concern.

According to Councillor Lindop’s notes of a previous meeting with Yorkshire Water, They are considering to install Emergency Pump Couplings, Soon. What is required is a Permanent Pump fitted in place, ready to go when required, not the possibility of having to chase off to the other side of the County to borrow one!

Jim Uney, Hedon.

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