Ask your question of the General Election candidates…

ELECTION 2010: The General Election takes place on Thursday 6th May 2010. The Hedon Blog hopes to be able to raise issues about the town (and the HU12 postcode area) directly with each candidate.

But which issues? The first HU12 wide issue that the Blog and people are generally partisan about, is:

Q1. What are the candidates views on the building of a waste burning incinerator at Saltend near Hedon?

The next questions are up to you.

Because this is a very busy time for the candidates then it is proposed to ask only three questions in total. The most popular (and the most relevant to Hedon and the HU12 area) will be sent to the candidates seeking their response. The candidates will be asked to reply to each in not more than 150 words.

Complete the box below or e-mail to submit your question by


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