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Local councillor objects to top pension payout

County Hall Beverley

COUNCILLOR STEPHEN SLOAN who represents the local South West Holderness Ward was the only member of an East Riding Council Review Panel to vote against approving spending £364,205 so a senior officer can take early retirement…

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1 thought on “Local councillor objects to top pension payout

  1. well done councillor Sloan…..there are a number of things you shoud also be looking at given the current economic climate, I was recently down Neat Marsh road and Acey lane in Preston, were numerous workmen were puting up speed limit signs, not just one but lots…one every 100 yards or so….and the ones on Acey lane did make me titter….is it actually possible to get to 40mph down there….madness……also whats going on with that roundabout on Hedon road ???? itss got fencing splitting it into sections for some reason…..lots of money being wasted…

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