WHAT HAVE READERS found interesting on the Hedon Blog in 2009?

Unfortunately, looking back at the statistics does not reveal any great insight into the public’s Blog reading habits and trends although they do show the top posts.

The main ‘lesson’ – if indeed we can draw any from this exercise – is that the content of the Hedon Blog needs to maintain a variety of reports, information and fun items to interest its readers.

The most widely read story on the Blog was the short report Hedon opera star found dead on the tragic death of local mezzo-soprano Amy Black at the young age of 36.

In complete contrast the next most popular post was JigZone Flowers – a Jigsaw! The JigSaw used to be a regular feature on the Blog on a weekend and attracted so many players that it it merited a website of its own. JIGSAW PLAYER was set up recently to cater for that audience.

Swine Flu hit the headlines mid-year and the media frenzy raised public concern about the possible affects and impact of the illness. This resulted in the next most-read post First case of Swine Flu in Hull….

People searching for the times of the ASDA bus contributed to the next popular post FREE bus to ASDA.

Another Jigsaw of St Augustine’s Church is next followed by View local panning applications.

The most popular pages were Hedon Online, the About page and the On Facebook… page.

We’ll have a look tomorrow at what posts the Hedon Blogger has enjoyed writing in 2009.

What have been your favourite bits on the Hedon Blog during 2009?

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