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East Riding News: Local Jobs for Local People

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s September issue of East Riding News comments on the authority’s efforts to promote local jobs. Council leader Stephen Parnarby explains that the council has to abide by EU regulations on procurement but within that framework is doing everything it can to encourage jobs for local people in building and construction.

Local contractors are reputedly leading on 13 major projects including school improvement schemes, but where building contracts are carried out by national firms then the council requires them to invite local firms to quote for sub-contracting work.

I am fully in favour of these efforts to create local jobs and encourage external companies to spend money locally, however I cannot help having twinges of guilt that this “importing” of local jobs is at the expense of others i.e. perhaps it “exports” employment to other areas…..?? However I am comforted by the fact that these are new jobs that would otherwise have not existed.

What are your views?

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