THE TWEET from HART Community Transport says it all: “Every Wednesday the 84 town centre service for Hedon is ideal to visit the shops, bank, or grab a cuppa. Catch from bus stops or hail and ride on Inmans Rd, Acklam Rd, Cleeve Rd, Cromwell Rd, Drapers lane and Birch Tree Drive.”

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St Augustine’s Church bus stop (Market Hill)13.40
Magdalen Lane10.55 13.41
Brevere Rd (Hail & Ride) 10.5613.42
Inmans Rd school (Hail & Ride) 10.5913.45
Watson Dr (Hail & Ride) 11.0113.47
St Anthony’s Park (Hail & Ride) 11.0213.48
St Nicholas Gate (Hail & Ride) 11.0313.49
Acklam Rd (Hail & Ride) 11.0413.50
Thorn Rd bus stop11.0513.51
Cleeve Rd (Hail & Ride) 11.0613.52
Cromwell Rd (Hail & Ride) 11.0713.53
Cleeve Rd (Hail & Ride) 11.0813.54
Thorn Rd bus stop11.1013.55
Sheriffs Highway bus stop11.1113.56
Hull Rd bus stop11.1313.58
Drapers Lane (Hail & Ride) 11.1413.59
Birch Tree Dr (Hail & Ride) 11.1514.00
Westlands Rd11.1914.04
Hull Rd bus stop11.2014.05
St Augustine’s Church bus stop (Market Hill) 11.2314.08
No 84 Hedon Shuttle Bus

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