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H2H Saltend Project consultation

The H2H Saltend Project is a flagship project for the region. The proposed H2 production facility will convert natural gas to hydrogen (H2), whilst capturing at least 95% of the associated carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. 

EQUINOR, which until 2018 was called Statoil, is a Norwegian founded multinational company that aims to work in the UK as it transitions from Oil and Gas to Carbon Capture and Storage solutions to the climate emergency.

H2H Saltend is at the forefront of the company’s rollout of carbon capture storage (CCS) and hydrogen technology in the UK.

About the H2H Saltend Project:

The H2H Saltend Project is a flagship project for the region. The proposed Hproduction facility is expected to be the largest in the world and will convert natural gas to hydrogen (H2), whilst capturing at least 95% of the associated carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. 

The CO2 produced will be captured and transported by pipeline to Easington and then to offshore storage in the Endurance aquifer (located 1km below the seabed) in the Southern North Sea. Endurance is one of the best-understood options in the UK for CO2 storage, claims Equinor.

Equinor will mature the project towards its final investment decision during 2023, commence construction in 2024 and look to have H2H Saltend operational in 2026-2027.​

Ongoing consultation is taking place initiated by Equinor and local South West Holderness councillors are keen that residents find out more and take part.


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On behalf of his colleagues’ Councillors Sue Steel and David Winter, Councillor John Dennis has given his tentative backing to the project:

Information on a multi-million pound proposed scheme for The Humber for producing and distributing power in a cleaner and greener way, has been brought to the attention of Ward Members over recent weeks. We have attended a number of briefings and Q&A sessions and are impressed by what we have heard. However, the proposals are in their early stages and many questions will need answers before matters are finalised.

The link to the consultation website explains what are the long-term benefits to Saltend, to South West Holderness residents and to the wider region of the Humber. It is apparently the case that the industry in our area produces more polluting CO2 emissions than anywhere else in the UK and it is a situation that needs to be seriously addressed.

The company, Equinor, which is at the forefront of the scheme, is backed by a consortium of 12 or more major power stations and manufacturers right around the Humber. They have proposals to both collect CO2 by pipeline, store this gas in the North Sea caverns and vastly increase Green and Blue Hydrogen production at Saltend to be used by manufacturers right across the Humber etc. Many are keen to be involved in this Hydrogen power and are looking into adapting their equipment. Existing Saltend based companies, including Triton Power, are already expressing interest.

These Hydrogens are carbon-friendly fuel sources that will eventually be available across the region, both North and South of the Humber. Already Ineos is producing Hydrogen locally and Equinor is to seek planning and other permissions to create another plant within the Saltend Chemical Park. They accept that they will have to comply with the strict ‘Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) safety rules which affect all Saltend companies, under the HSE. They are however keen to locate their operations there as the visual impacts will be lessened. This plant will produce Hydrogen but using cleaner and greener methods.

Many power plants and manufacturers will be able to access the supply and as we currently understand it the long-term impact is that our region will see much of its pollution reduced and will gain many ‘green’ benefits.

It is explained much more fully in the consultation link. The Humber region, together with The Tees around Middlesbrough, forms the massive East Coast Cluster and is set to create a vital hub of carbon-friendly production, much larger and more important than any other region of the UK. Local businesses on both sides of the river are embracing the opportunities it will bring and we residents should carefully consider the impacts of the scheme, how employment could be increased over the decades to come and the benefits to our environment. Please ask the developers any questions which they assure us they are keen to address.

All in all, we are presented with ideas that could result in a very exciting future for residents and generations to come.

In future years, The Humber is set to become a major contributor to the nation’s wealth. As Ward Members of course we will have many questions which will need answering before we are able to give the scheme our full backing, eg, flooding, emissions and traffic, but on the information provided, there appear to be major benefits to the whole East Coast Cluster.

Cllrs. John Dennis, Sue Steel and David Winter.

The Consultation website: https://engage.erm.com/equinor-h2h-saltend/page/home

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