Preston: Aerosol Can Incident on Play Park

Sunday, April 4 2021 (at approximately 6:25pm) Police responded to an incident on the playing field at the rear of Watkinson Close, Preston.

On Sunday, April 4 2021 at approximately 6:25 pm Police responded to a report of a loud bang on the playing field at the rear of Watkinson Close, Preston. A group of boys had been seen running away.

It appears that the source of the bang was an aerosol can. Scorch marks were left on the grass near the goalposts. Play equipment in the park was undamaged.

PCSO Darren Bainton from Holderness Community Team urged Parents to speak with their children about the dangers of aerosol cans and fire. He said “The act of lighting an aerosol can or using it as a flame is extremely dangerous. It could lead to severe burns and cause a serious fire.”

The police are unaware whether any of the boys received injuries during the incident. If you know anything about who is responsible, please call the Police on 101. Give incident log number 412 of 4 April 2021.

Image of exploded aerosol can
Exploded aerosol can photo via Humberside Police.

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