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Launch of Labour’s Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner campaign

KEITH HUNTER is the Humberside Labour and Co-operative Party candidate for the Police and Crime Commissioner.

On Thursday 6 May 2021 residents in the local area will go to the polls to have their say on who represents them as the Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside (PCC). Elections were postponed in May 2020 due to the coronavirus. The normal term of office for a PCC is four years. This will be the third election of a PCC.

KEITH HUNTER is the Labour and Co-operative Party candidate for the PCC. He is the sitting incumbent. He has recently launched his official re-election campaign.

Keith Hunter – Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner – Re-election statement:

“When elected PCC in 2016 I inherited a mess with every area of operation struggling to make any impact and crime steadily rising again. The national reputation of Humberside was such that it undermined our whole area.  At the top there was no ambition or belief things could be different. 

“5 years later and Humberside Police is a transformed force. – I have overseen a turnaround in performance that few dared to dream was possible. In the face of ongoing government cuts, I delivered over 500  more officers, providing a foundation for the success story that has unfolded.”

Helping to launch Keith’s re-election campaign, Sarah Jones MP, Labour’s Shadow Policing Minister, said: “As Labour’s police and crime commissioner, Keith Hunter has stepped in where the government has failed. He has replaced hundreds of the police officers cut by the Conservatives, tackled rising crime and he’s keeping people safe.

“When Keith was first elected, Humberside was the worst-performing force in the country with the lowest morale. The government had cut 700 officers and neighbourhood policing had been decimated. Keith has backed our police, invested in them and now Humberside is the most improved force in the country.” 

Keith continued, “As the campaign for re-election develops we will remind you of the promises I made that got me elected and how I have more than delivered on them all. I will also set out what I intend to do during the next term, building on the unprecedented success already delivered.

“There is a real job to do as PCC, in charge of over £200m of public money every year, leading strategic planning and development across criminal justice and partner agencies, representing our area on important national and regional groups considering the future of policing. Why would you even consider putting that in the hands of someone with no relevant experience or record of delivery based upon hollow promises?

“The election, on 6th May,  more than any other, isn’t about the colour of a rosette, its about competence, credibility and character and it’s an opportunity to build on success.”

A campaign video for the campaign has been released:

Keith Hunter is also available via facebook at ‘PCC Keith Hunter’.

Three candidates have declared an intention to stand in the Humberside police force area (via WhoCanIVoteFor):

  • Keith Hunter is the Labour and Co-operative Party candidate.
  • Bob Morgan is the Liberal Democrats candidate.

Other candidates may still put their names forward. Information is available from the Electoral Commission on standing as a candidate. The Association of Police and Crime Commissioners also has very useful information: Role of the PCC – Elections.

Candidates: HU12 Online invites you to submit an introductory statement and profile photograph to hu12@gmx.com. This is for our Election 2021 coverage.

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