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Planning approval first steps towards Humber International Enterprise Park

ERYC PLANNING COMMITTEE approved the first steps yesterday towards the eventual development of the Humber International Enterprise Park.

THE PLANNING COMMITTEE at East Riding of Yorkshire Council approved a hybrid planning application yesterday (18 March 2021). This marks the first stage in the eventual development of the Humber International Enterprise Park (HIEP).

Approved yesterday was full planning permission to construct a new estate road between Hull Road and Paull Road. Granted was outline planning permission to develop the HIEP at the Hedon Haven site.

Planning conditions will govern the development of HIEP. Issues not covered in the outline planning application will be subject to “Reserved Matters” approval.

Reserved Matters explained:

Reserved matters deal with the details of an outline application proposal. Issues covered include the sizes of buildings, scale, layout and landscaping. The details in a reserved matters application must comply with the outline approval granted. A reserved matters application must address the conditions attached to the permission.

The council will publish a decision notice. It will list those reserved matters needing approval.

Councillor Sue Steel

The Committee Report recommendation was to defer the application and refer it to the Secretary of State. Deferral and referral, however, were not up for debate. Local Ward Councillor and Planning Committee member Councillor Sue Steel spoke at the meeting. Refusing the application was a risk, she warned: “If the committee refused the application, it would go to appeal and then almost certainly be approved.” And later: “Currently there are 81 conditions imposed by the council which the developer must abide by. If the application is referred to the Planning Inspector, we relinquish control over the development and cannot set conditions required to protect local residents. This would be a risk too far. Better to keep some influence and control over the development. Through Reserved Matters we need to follow this every step of the way to ensure impacts on residents are minimised.”

Community liaison forum:

The chair of the Planning Committee, Councillor David Tucker, made three references to the applicant Associated British Ports (ABP) becoming a better neighbour to its local communities. One of the conditions to be attached to the planning approval is going to be the establishment of a community liaison forum which is expected to include representatives of local town and parish councils, a representative of the Preston Traffic Safety Group and from PADEL (Paull Against Development of the Enterprise Land). The presumption is that the forum will work to address issues that are subject to Reserved Matters.

The Planning Committee supported the application. There were 10 votes for and 2 against. The meeting is available to view on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s YouTube channel.

1 thought on “Planning approval first steps towards Humber International Enterprise Park

  1. Shame on the Conservative Councillors, who once again have let down the residents of Hedon Paull and Preston. They should have insisted on a proper access road off the Saltend roundabout as was originally planned. They have let the developers get away with a sub-standard road that will add to the congestion on Hedon Road. This follows them granting permission for the nearby massive Yorkshire Energy development between Hull and Hedon, again with no proper road infrastructure. “Money talks and residents can jog on” is the message from the Beverley-based Conservatives.

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