HU12 Online seeks a volunteer to report on Climate Change issues in the local area. This would involve writing articles on the impacts of the Climate Change agenda in the local area.

Climate Emergency – Background:

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reported in October 2018 on the impacts of global warming. The report warned that the planet may have just twelve years left (from 2018) to limit a climate crisis. An increase in global warming at current rates will significantly increase the risk of drought, floods, extreme heat, and climate-related poverty for millions of people across the world.

The climate emergency is a real and significant threat. The environment and the economy will be severely affected without significant changes to the way we live, work and travel. Whilst a global crisis, it is local communities who will be on the front line of its effects. Extreme weather events (heat, cold, floods) will affect health, well-being and property. Food production will be affected. The extinction of threatened animal life and flora will accelerate. In this emergency situation, urgent action is needed to slow down human-caused global warming.

In February 2021, following a review panel, East Riding of Yorkshire Council declared a Climate Emergency. Councillor Mike Medini, chair of the cross-party climate change review panel, said: “The review panel quickly established the council would not be able to achieve the level of work needed to tackle climate change without the collaboration of local partners.” He added: “The scale of the work needed for the council to meet the Government’s target of being net-zero (carbon-neutral – Ed) by 2050 is immense and should not be underestimated.”

Locally, Hedon Town Council is striving to be carbon-neutral by 2030.

Responding to the climate emergency is everybody’s responsibility. Fundamentally it means changing the behaviour of individuals. This challenge will be achieved through widespread changes being implemented at home, at work, and in those businesses and organisations, we interact with on a daily basis.

We are currently facing another emergency threat through COVID-19. We have seen how that has had impacts on us all and necessarily affected our behaviour. You can not fail to see the response to COVID everywhere. Necessary advice is readily available. The response to the Climate Emergency needs to be on a comparable scale.

Climate Emergency Correspondent:

The role of our Climate Emergency Correspondent will be to highlight the emergency and review the responses being made locally. It means making links with and holding local service providers to account for their responses. On occasion, it means using the Freedom of Information Act and the Environmental Information Regulations to tease out information not readily available.

It also means celebrating those community actions that are making a difference locally. Recently we’ve covered stories on Holderness Community Orchards which through its tree and other planting projects contributes to the emergency response. We are also delighted to hear about the Hedon Litter Pickers group on Facebook. These and other such community initiatives deserve to have their stories told wide and far. They will inspire similar groups elsewhere.

There’s also a role for the Correspondent in monitoring the local expansion of industry. Through the planning process, we can determine whether industrialisation presents a greater risk to the climate.

  • The Climate Emergency Correspondent role is voluntary. However, we hope our example of seeking to fill such a role, is taken up by mainstream media. The emergency warrants it!
  • We would seek to commission at least one article per week which can be sent in to us, or we can grant publishing rights on HU12 Online (training provided).
  • Prior knowledge of climate change and green issues is desirable, but having a passion for the subject is essential.
  • Basic writing and grammar skills are required.
  • Knowledge of Hedon and the district is desirable.
  • The post might suit a student who is studying a relevant subject.

The post offers an interesting opportunity for a suitable person. The experience would provide a useful addition to a CV. HU12 Online is a member of the Independent Community News Network and the post holder will benefit from the contacts, information and services provided.

Interested? Email Ray Duffill at in the first instance with your expression of interest.

2 thoughts on “Could you be our Climate Emergency Correspondent?

  1. Hi Ray, as Chair of Hedon TC’s Climate Change Group, I’d be ready to keep HU12 updated on our plans. I may not be the right person to be your Climate Correspondent as I suppose it could be a conflict of interest reporting on the Council’s activity, but happy to help.

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