New tree planted recently
New tree planting.

MORE TREE PLANTING activity is taking place arranged by Holderness Community Orchards. Being planted today are five large walnut and fifteen sweet chestnut trees.

Planting activity in Elsie Gate Field in Hedon has previously taken place. However, the charity’s aim is to encourage tree planting in other areas of Holderness too. Today’s activity takes place at another site. We’ll bring you information about this recent activity soon.

Holderness Community Orchards will offer a further 35 trees for ‘fostering’ with members of the community who are happy to nurture a tree. The idea is that you look after the tree until ready for planting. And then plant it. To find out what fostering involves then contact

Whilst you can get involved in fostering a tree for free, the charity is willing to accept donations (any amount welcome) towards the programme.

Find out more about the charity:

2 thoughts on “Could you foster a tree until ready for planting?

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  2. I only live across the road in Ivy Lane. Count me in for a few. I’ll speak to neighbours too.

    John Dennis

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