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Tree planting reward for community-spirited Reggie

6-year-old Reggie went tree-planting with his grandad on Saturday, it was a reward for his community-spirited litter-picking at Hedon’s community orchard.

Six-year-old Reggie Gotts went tree-planting with his grandad on Saturday (27 February), but it wasn’t a chore, it was a reward!

Last year, during the first lockdown, Reggie, then aged 5, started collecting litter from the town’s community orchard at Elsie Gate field. Lots of people have helped out with litter picking on the site during the year. However, community-spirited Reggie, impressed the charity trustees of Holderness Community Orchards so much, they arranged a reward for him.

litter picking Reggie Gotts
Litter-picking Reggie!

There are three trustees behind the Holderness Community Orchard charity; Kelvin Hurd, Neal Everingham and Dave Langcaster. On their behalf, Kelvin said:

“Many people have collected litter from the area but the first coming to light during lockdown was Reggie. On Saturday as a ‘thank you’, we made some trees available and Reggie planted them with his grandad Tony Gotts.

“Some of the first trees planted have been damaged by deer and we have had to replace six; two apples, two pears, one cherry and plum. The next stage is to construct guards to protect all of the trees whilst young from the deer.

“During the lockdowns, the orchard has proven to be a sanctuary for many people whilst out walking. We hope that the community take ownership and enjoy the space. In years to come, they will literally enjoy the fruits of the community’s labour.”

Fundraising for the replacement trees relied on donations. They came from the Hedon Town Council £500, Everinghams Monumental Masons £250 and the Matthew Good Foundation £250.

Reggie tree planting with grandad Tony

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Photos: Kelvin Hurd and the Gotts family.

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