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HU12 Online comments – a look in more detail

One of HU12 Online strengths is its comments facility which gives an easy, safe and secure way to take part in local discussion and debate – thoughtful and considerate comments, opinions and questions encouraged.

A MAJOR benefit of a community-friendly website like HU12 Online to the local area is the ability to reflect local news and views in a way that perhaps the more corporate media organisations quite often struggle to do so. The difference is the overall starting point of HU12 Online – it’s not to sell you things and grab your computer and device screens with unwanted pop-ups for advertising. It’s not a profit-driven enterprise designed to make an owner rich. Our starting point, as our banner puts it, is to provide information to local communities that can lead to higher levels of engagement in local matters, and increase participation by local people. Informed, engaged and active communities will lead to better local decision making and contribute towards making our communities better places to live.

One of HU12 Online strengths is its comments facility which gives an easy, safe and secure way to take part in local discussion and debate. HU12 caters for a much wider audience than is possible on any single social media channel (Facebook for example) and crucially there are people reading this who are not on social media. So the likelihood is that your comments will be seen by a wider audience.

“Having your say” is easy – but take a minute or two longer to leave thoughtful and considerate comments.

One of the differences with Facebook is the lack of seemingly instant interaction. You make a comment on Facebook and within seconds you will get ‘likes’ and comments in response. Here on HU12 Online, your comment may take a little longer to publish.

A comment, first of all, goes through our automated spam filters provided by Askimet, these filter out known spam and irrelevant, malicious content before it gets to the manual approval stage. Yes, manual! A human eye will look at the first comment a person makes and grant approval. Further comments will then be accepted automatically and published accordingly. Further comments from an individual may be removed if they break the terms or spirit of our community guidelines. We will pay particular attention to the guidelines in periods when controversial subjects are being covered.

But fundamentally, joining the debate via our comments facility should be a constructive experience. We encourage thoughtful and considerate comments and questions. We aim to avoid the bad temper, the flame wars and bitter-taste quite often associated with some other social media channels.

As part of regularly reviewing our comments facility, we are going to commence a series of articles on Your Comments, were recent comments will be the subject of the news.

Recent comments (overview):

  1. my grandparents were mary and robert ellerton; they kept the post office when it was near the church; i remember…

  2. Congratulations!!!! I know it will be a great year for you in leading your amazing community!

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