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Recent Comments on HU12 generating debate

We look back at some recent comments and ensuing issues (Editor’s pick).

We look back at some recent comments and ensuing issues (Editor’s pick).

Consultation on HIEP

The controversial proposal to develop the Humber International Enterprise Park on the Hedon Haven was criticised at a recent East Riding Council planning committee meeting regarding insufficient consultation. Associated British Port has responded by arranging online consultation sessions on Tuesday. This has prompted a thoughtful and thought-provoking comment from Andy Nicholson:

We recently received an email from ABP via Montagu Evans indicating that they are trying to set up virtual calls for the 2nd of March 2021. A ONE-hour virtual call or two ONE Hour calls will not resolve this situation or bring about any resolution when they are asking for 10 speakers in that period. This Public consultation needs to be done face to face around a table with real people asking real questions. In our opinion, this cannot and will not be achieved by a one-hour video call. This is totally unacceptable. We fully understand the urgency of the applicant, but we feel that the lack of technical capability from many of the older members of the community will put them at a distinct disadvantage. We feel it is paramount that all those wishing to have a say can do in a familiar and safe environment.

We feel the applicant must do more to recognize the importance of communities in submitting planning applications. There is much that the applicant can do and should do to make it easier for communities to get involved in shaping local planning applications. During the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen several major projects with large opposition outside of our region gain approval in a virtual zoom meeting without opposition. We believe it is only fair that any Public Consultation for 18/04071 and/or 18/01952 be delayed until such times that they can be aired in a public forum and attended by members of the Public. We do not feel a zoom call will allow the various opposition groups to have a fair say. It is in the people of Paulls interest to protect their local population and to give them a say in such important decisions in a democratic society. The applicant is trying to rush this through yet again and only paying the public lip service with a one hour zoom call. We feel the clue is in the name “Public Consultation”.

We are also concerned that due to the nature of virtual calls that people can attend whose identity cannot be verified, leaving the process open to misuse and mischief. This concerns the residents of Paull who are more than willing to disclose their identities in an open forum with the applicant. We feel that a Public Consultation should be just that.

We asked ABP to move the date to when the COVID-19 pandemic is declared over which we now know will be June 2021 and today we received a response from ABP saying that the 2nd March 2021 is the set date and that’s when it will go ahead. This response shows yet again that ABP does not intend to listen to the people of Paull or Hedon but to do what they did last time and say this is what you having!

This is a bad day for democracy when a private company can ride roughshod over the general public in order to tick a box for protocol to be able to build on a piece of land that is burning a hole in their pocket.

And this notification of a letter received from the MP from Amanda Canavan:

I emailed Graham Stuart today please find his response below. Kind regards Amanda Canavan

Dear Amanda

Many thanks for your email today, and for taking the trouble to photograph and send the leaflet, which I had not seen.

I have now emailed ABP with a formal request to delay the consultation until local residents all have an opportunity to participate.  Now that we can look forward to a stage when either public meetings or staffed exhibitions could be held, without involving more than a few months’ delay, I have told ABP that I think it is a reasonable request to make.

I will let you know what response I receive. 

Kind regards


Rare Earths facility Saltend

Another Development issue is the planning application by Pensana Rare Earths PLC to build a facility at Saltend. This prompted Tim Henderson to make the following remarks which helped highlight an issue:

I found it instructive to look at the documents associated with the Peak Resources application for a very similar plant on the Teesside Wilton site which was approved by Redcar and Cleveland with planning reference R/2017/0876/FFM. There it was intended to use a Tanzanian ore and explicitly mentioned thorium in their detailed Environmental Statement. In their process the impurities of iron and trace amounts of thorium which were present in the filtrate after acid leaching were precipitated with lime to produce a waste filter cake which was to be disposed of with the waste filter cake from an effluent treatment plant amounting to 12,000 tonnes per annum. In their case this was to be sent for landfill at a local hazardous waste landfill site which was identified in the Environmental Statement.. Assessment of the radioactivity levels is needed to determine how this is handled and what regulations apply to it. The information currently provided for Saltend is inadequate to determine the application.

Crematorium Dabate

We’ve followed the debate on the planning application to construct the “Lelley Fields” crematorium particularly with regard to the traffic problems in and around Preston. This recently gave rise to some political comments which means those posts have been added as early entries in our Elections 2021 coverage.

This from Councillor David Nolan who is the leader of the Lib-Dems group on East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

ERYC are suggesting no changes at Preston traffic-lights or a sniff of a Preston bypass. They have made noises about removing some residents on-street parking near the junction but that would not be popular with the residents. Local campaigner Matthew Grove asked me to enquire with ERYC Highways about what plans exist for a Preston Bypass. The answer came back that there is nothing planned, not even on paper. The problems at Preston Lights have been known about for many years but not even a rough plan exists. This is despite the busy Cranswick site, the likely traffic from the Energy Park, the planned massive Hedon Haven/SW Hedon Industrial Park and now a Crematorium in North Preston. Residents should ask why The Beverley-based East Riding Council can find Multi-millions for bypasses around Beverley but residents of Hedon, Preston and users of Hedon Road are being short-changed?

And a comment from Steve Gallant who is Labour’s candidate for South West Holderness in the forthcoming by-election in May.

There is broad agreement here from local Labour and Conservative representatives that the Crematorium would be a welcome facility for the area. But as it stands the plan has absolutely no provisions to address the traffic problems in Preston and Hedon, or more specifically the entry, just near the dog-leg junction on Lelley Road. If East Riding Council, who are proposing the development, cannot address the problems it will exacerbate of traffic then the Planning Committee should refuse permission until it is addressed.

Lelley Road has a 60mph limit, so to have the entrance directly off there will increase the danger of accidents as funeral corteges will be travelling at a much more sedate and dignified speed.
How long before there would be a pile up involving a grieving family ? The prospect is appalling.
The obvious solution would be a roundabout to accommodate the dog-leg and entrance to the Crematorium which would slow all traffic.

But we also need a review of the potential for the bypass of Hedon and Preston to the east. This could come up from Thorn Road to the Lelley Road and remove all the North-South traffic from our narrow medieval high streets.

There has been a bit of political banter between party representatives which can be viewed in the comments stream on particular posts.

One of the results of reading the comments by Councillor Nolan and the resulting post regarding the Lib Dems views on the crematorium was tuning in to watch the YouTube streaming of the full council meeting. This resulted in our post regarding the full council meeting held on 24 February. The post wasn’t shared on all our social media channels, as sadly it possibly reinforces some of the negative perceptions about politicians held on occasion by the general public.

The post did prompt Steven Roscoe to say:

Ray, in future please can you include the time of these Pantomime incidents in your report so we can skip through the turgid four hours plus and get to the exciting bits.

And actually it does raise relevant other issues, so as well as making sure we put a time-stamp when referring to video items so they can be found easier, HU12 Online will make additional efforts to link to relevant council documents and other materials to ensure that readers/viewers can take part in following live issues and debates more effectively.

Away from politics and development issues, we also received a request from Maria McKolskey from Canada:

I am writing from Toronto, Ontario Canada and I am thoroughly enjoying your photos. A few generations back Robert Rennardson, a distant Grandfather on my Dad’s side acquired a 3 story home on Churchgate in 1840. I’m told it’s very near the church. Do any of you know how I could get a photo of it? It would mean the world to me. Thank you so very much.

We were delighted to respond with a photo of the house and Janet Bucknall offered more information.

We like Janet at HU12 Online – she always takes part in our Competition Corner offerings and nearly always leaves a comment. Typically like the one below. Thank you, Janet!

Got 4 of the word search, but not keen on these anyway. Aperture, photography, tripod and camera.
Also got all the anagrams, but had to cheat for no 1.
1.The Phantom of the Opera
2. Les Miserables
3. Hamilton
4. Moulin Rouge

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