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Paull Heritage Trail

A circular walk starting and finishing at Paull Church. Approximately 45 minutes.

Paull Church.


The next in our series of exercise walks. All the links refer to what3words locations. A circular walk starting and finishing at the St. Andrew’s Church, Paull. Approximately 45 minutes.

The walk is based on one actually developed by local residents in 2010 and features 10 marker posts/signs as you make your way around the village. There is a Paull Heritage Trail guide which goes into detail about the history of the village using the markers to highlight points of interest. In non-COVID times copies of the guide may have been still available from the church and village hall.

    1. Start at the Paull Church (St. Andrew’s) https://w3w.co/modest.dance.leaves. Marker post 1 is next to the main gate notice board.
  • 2. Follow the footpath back into the village. You will see the entrance to the old Fort Paull on your left (Battery Road). Marker post 2 is outside the old vicarage.

  • 3. The road curves to the right as you come into the village. On the left-hand side, you will see an old white lodge https://what3words.com/month.hammer.hogs. Look out for marker post number 3 somewhere on the bend.

  • 4. Follow the road to the first bus stop on the right-hand side. Marker 4 is located on Turpit Lane. Opposite to your left, you will see the Paull War Memorial erected in 1999 https://what3words.com/rise.school.union.

  • 5. Carry on walking towards the entrance of the village. There is a brick ship-shaped flower bed https://w3w.co/think.branch.smart with an anchor and the village name. Marker 5 is listed as being adjacent to the village sign.

  • 6. Turn back into the village along Main Street. There is a viewing area up a staircase to the old shipyard site https://w3w.co/rubble.buyers.form. Marker 6 is listed as ‘Entrance to the Shipyard’.

  • 7. Further along Main Street is the old Wesleyan Methodist Chapel https://w3w.co/gravel.along.lives. Marker 7 is on the opposite side of the road.

  • 8. Further along Main Street on your left you will find the Paull school https://w3w.co/next.pepper.field. Marker 8 is on the school gate.

  • 9. You’ll pass the Royal Oak on the right and also on that side further along you’ll find a grassed area https://w3w.co/dusty.ships.much with a set of parish council community notice boards. Marker 9 is located here.

  • 10. Continue along to the Paull front; you’ll see the Humber Tavern on your right and The Crown Inn on the left. Further along on the left, you’ll find the Paull Village Hall https://w3w.co/game.toned.film and the site of the last trail marker, number 10. Opposite the hall is the Paull Lighthouse.

  • 11. There is a longer walk from this point along the waterfront. But this particular trail follows the Town End Road (with the Village Hall on your left and the Lighthouse on your right) and back to the junction with Thorngumbald Road where a right turn will take you back to the church.

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1 thought on “Paull Heritage Trail

  1. Just walked around Paull village via Google Maps, what memories, I lived in Paull at 7 Paghill Estate until the age of 11, when my family emigrated to South Africa, I was christened in the church, used to scale the wall at violet bank with my cousin, and play in “Battery” as it was known then. attended Paull County Primary with Mr and Mrs Waters as the teachers, I can still see all the houses my mates lived in as well as my Grans on Main street. Its a shame the old village Hall had to go it looked much more appealing than the new one in my opinion ! I don’t miss the terrible school dinners we were served there though.
    Thanks for the memories i can think of hundreds more but don’t want to bore you !!
    Wayne Farmer.

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