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A View from Spurn – Hedon Museum

A View from Spurn – Hedon Museum. Exhibition runs from Wednesday 6th March to Saturday 20th April 2019. Refreshments are available. Souvenirs and pre-loved books for sale.

THE SPECTACLE of Spurn National Nature Reserve and all of the stories it has to tell will be on show during March and April at Hedon Museum.

Coinciding with the one year anniversary of the opening of the Discovery Centre, this exhibition will display information about the wildlife, flowers and history of Spurn, from mammoths to lifeboats and bombs! You can see a genuine piece of a mammoth’s tusk, the vertebrae of a whale and the remains of detonated bombs!

Back in the late 1800s, Spurn was a popular destination for day trips from Hull and Grimsby on board pleasure steamers. Victorian ladies and gentlemen would travel to Spurn and to relax and play on the sandy beaches. They sent postcards all over the world from the post office on Spurn! As the saying goes – a picture tells a thousand words.

Some of the earliest ideas about bird conservation came from Spurn too! As people became concerned by the impact visitors had on ground nesting birds, a protection scheme was instated. The Little Terns and the Ringed Plovers are now comfortable at Spurn and, hopefully, will remain so.

Spurn has had a long maritime history with lighthouses established here as far back as Richard Reedbarrow’s light in 1427! A lifeboat has been stationed on Spurn for over 200 years saving many hundreds of lives and a full-time RNLI crew are always present and ready to launch at any time when needed.

Both world wars had a significant impact on Spurn and much of the defenses began in the 1800s were added to by the military. There was a fort at the end and it was a key strong point to guard the Humber Estuary. The North Sea is slowly nibbling away at these artificial defenses and Spurn is returning to it natural cycle.

With broad open skies, water on three sides and miles of beaches Spurn is a wonderful place to unwind, enjoy nature and relax. The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust want to connect people with wildlife, heritage and landscape so that future generations can come here and appreciate how this living landscape is evolving.

Exhibition runs from Wednesday 6th March to Saturday 20th April 2019.

by Katy Miller, Hedon Museum.

FREE ADMISSION. Open Wednesdays and Saturdays March – November 2019. Tea, coffee and biscuits are available. Souvenirs and books for sale.

Visit: Hedon Museum

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