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Hedon Museum – Exciting Season 2019

“2019 is going to be an exciting year for Hedon Museum. We’ll have history, artists and photographers,” explains museum media officer Katy Miller.

“2019 is going to be an exciting year for Hedon Museum. We’ll have history, artists and photographers,” explains museum media officer Katy Miller.

“We are truly privileged this year to hold an exclusive exhibition by Paul Berriff, OBE! The internationally acclaimed, BAFTA award-winning documentary film-maker and photographer has chosen Hedon Museum to display seldom seen photographs of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and more! Paul Berriff has lived an extraordinary life, surviving a helicopter crash, a sinking ship, a volcano and even the devastating destruction of the World Trade Centre. It is an honour to host his work.

“Our first exhibition is brought to us by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (YWT) at Spurn National Nature Reserve. This will feature historic postcards from Spurn which were sent all over the world by Victorian gentlemen and ladies seeking sandy beaches to relax upon. The YWT will also be displaying the history of Spurn, from mammoths to lifeboats and the beginnings of creating a sanctuary for wildlife which still exists today. See a genuine piece of a mammoth’s tusk, the vertebrae of a whale and the remains of detonated bombs!

“We will also see the return of the Hedon Viewfinders Photography Club, who’ll be displaying their talents with images of our beautiful market town. Hedon is full of inspiration for photographers and we can’t wait to see which views and angles have captured their inspiration most!

“We’ll be exhibiting history too of course! From mid-July to the beginning of September will be showing an enchanting range of wedding dresses, from the 1890s to modern. Every bride wishes to look beautiful on her wedding day, and the key to that is always the perfect dress. Fashion changes, but our fascination and adoration for ‘the perfect dress’ endures.

“2019 also marks 80 years since the beginning of World War II. This tragic event which spanned 6 years took the lives of tens of millions of people and is never to be forgotten. Hedon Museum will show the impact of the war upon the local area, as well as personal memories from that terrible time.

“Let’s not forget about the arts and crafts. We will be displaying the work of many artists and crafters behind Traenerhus, a workshop and store on High Street in Hull, as well as James Lee, Dianne Brown and Lynne Lobar. Between them they cover paintings in the style of impressionism, realism, surrealism and abstract.

“Traenerhus will also be displaying the most varied range of crafts we’ve ever seen at Hedon Museum for a single exhibition, including ceramics, glass, quilting, knitting, felt and more!

“We hope you’ll join us to celebrate history and artistic skill this year at Hedon Museum!”

Postcards from Spurn – Wed March 6 – Sat April 20
Paul Berriff productions – Wed April 24 – Sat June 15
Hedon Viewfinders Photography – Wed April 24 – Sat June 15
Artists James Lee and Dianne Brown – Wed June 19 – Sat July 13
A walk up the aisle – Wed July 17 – Sat Sept 7
80 years since World War Two: A commemoration – Wed Sept 11 – Sat Nov 2
Artist Lynne Lobar and Traeneraus Crafts – Wed Nov 6 – Sat Nov 30

FREE ADMISSION. Open Wednesdays and Saturdays March – November 2019. Tea, coffee and biscuits are available. Souvenirs and books for sale.

Brand new stairlift accesibility to exhibition room:

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